Stephen Lang Cast as Mary's Father on In Plain Sight

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The future of Terra Nova may still be undecided, but one of that drama's stars has made up his mind: He's headed to USA.

Stephen Lang has signed on to play Mary's estranged father on the final season of In Plain Sight, TV Guide Magazine reports, a character who has been mentioned many times yet never actually appeared... mainly because he's a career criminal who has spent more of his adult life on the run.

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Lang will guest star on three In Plain Sight episodes and force his abandoned daughter to confront a few major life decisions before this fun series bids farewell.


My husband (86) and myself (74) think this is the best show we watch. We are really going to miss the whole cast!
Will probably cry during the finale.


I love this show and hate to see it end, but I do like the idea of a good show being like a good book: it has a story to tell, resolves its conflicts, and ends.


Why are all the good shows with strong female leads ending? "The Closer" and now "In Plain Sight"..what is going on in TV-dom? As much as I love "NCIS", I enjoyed both of the aforementioned shows also.


Yes! Finally. No, I really don't care about the actor, but I'm thrilled that Mary's father finally shows up to get the ass kicking he deserves.

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