The Finder Review: Foiled?

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The Finder went out of this world this week, as Jack Hodgins stopped by to enlist Walter's help to uncover a conspiracy regarding space junk that he believed to be proof of alien life.

Unfortunately for Walter and Hodgins, there were no "Little Green Men" to be found.

TJ Thyne on The Finder

This was another fun week for the improving series.

It was great to have the infamouns conspiracy theorist himself, Hodgins, join the cast. He certainly seemed to meet his match in Walter, who seems to hold just as skeptical views of the institution that is government than Hodgins.

But if there was anything that would have convinced me that aliens existed, it would have been Hector. That whole one-look-incapacitation thing was so well orchestrated that I thought the outcome might really be alien encounter. But it makes you wonder: does the government really have sonic guns that could take someone out like that? Creepy...

As sinister as it might sound, the storyline that dealt with the mysterious "hider," Pope, was likely my favorite part of the episode. I never pondered the existence of a foil to Walter's finding before. I almost hope they butt heads in the future just to see what the confrontation would look like.

That said, it was very cool of the team to stand behind Walter even with the ominous threat of destruction looming. Double friend points to them.

The other interesting plot to continue developing this week was the saga of Willa and Timo's engagement. We finally got to put a face to the name, and a very famous one at that.

Unfortunately for Willa and Timo, their valiant attempt to buy their way out of the engagement was in vein, for Uncle Shad is intent on them being married within the year! I can only imagine what the next step for these two will be.

So, do you think we're alone in the universe?


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Somehow this show reminds me of " Veronica Mars".That was really good show and every time I watch the finder reminds me how much I miss VM..


I´m a huge Bones fan and I wasn´t to impress with the original pilot in Bones Season 6, due to the annoyning british woman and the that Walter was using the toilet. Did we really have to see that.
I have seen every episode of the finder and I think it´s getting better and deserve a chance. The show is better than serveral shows on the air, but not in the top ten, but it´s not bad. Not bad at all....


@tammy does/did Breaking In air after A.I? No. Finder getting a 2.0 and 6.2 million viewers with that lead in is beyond pathetic. Enjoy the remaining season as it won't get renewed. Sorry.


I LOVE this show! It is freakin hilarious and geoff stults is awesome! I love all the characters. Idk whats with all the haters on here. Bones if an amazing show and this is almost as amazing. If they cancel this show I will be extremely annoyed. Too many shows have already been cancelled. They should not cancel this great show!!!

Ronald simkins

This is so totally fun! So where does the "hate" come from? - Bonz fans?


Oh wow ,I just saw Fox Preview season 2 of Breaking In starring Christian Slater....If THAT show was renewed then there's no way the Finder wont be , it has better ratings and it doesn't suck lol and if not Fox just really hates their good shows :(


The Series just keeps getting better as episodes go by I swear


Pope will be back. I can feel it.


really love this show don't get all the hate i like all the characters tmo is a hot coward


i really love this show and am surprised at the hate it seems to have generated. Love all the quirky things, the tin foil hat with the feather was a riot along with the shark helmut of a couple weeks ago and so many other small things that I enjoy. Who doesn't love Hodgins conspiracy theories. Eric Roberts as the Big Bad is great, too bad I stll think Willa should be incarcerated. Was Pope played by the original Nikita? Love this show and would hate for it to be cancelled too soon.

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