The Good Wife Review: Losing Their Will

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So, following events on "Live From Damascus," where there's a Will, there's no longer a way to practice law on The Good Wife. At least not for the next six months.

Aside from allowing me to use that incredibly witty pun, though, there's something missing from this Will storyline. It should be a major deal, right? It was treated that way last night, certainly, with Will's future at the firm up in the air, despite Diane's assurance that there will be a place for him again in half a year.

Rita Wilson on The Good Wife

But the punishment hinges on an incident from 15 years ago. We've heard plenty of references to this $45,000 heist and its eventual replacement, but we weren't there for it. We didn't know Will when it went down.

As a result, I can't say I feel particularly invested in the crime or subsequent suspension. There's a feeling of detachment here. We're just being told about something Will did and, moreover, we're being told about how he was ratted out... by Wendy Scott-Carr, a character no longer on the show.

For such a significant development, a great deal has taken place off camera. Viewers haven't really been part of any of these actions. Sure, I'm curious where this is all going and what will happen now with Will out of the Lockart/Gardner - sorry, Lockhart & Associates - picture, but I'm disappointed at the way The Good Wife arrived here. It was just thrust upon us.

Similarly, the case of the week wasn't especially engrossing, even if it did involve a couple welcome guest stars in Jonathan Groff and John Benjamin Hickey.

Sometimes, The Good Wife focuses more on being relevant than being engaging - and this felt like one of those times. The Syrian revolution and the role a tech company played in it felt like too obvious of an attempt to mirror real life events from last year and how Facebook shaped them in countries such as Egypt.

This was especially trye when it came to Judge Abernathy and his Occupy Wall Street references. Those were all just really odd and really forced. We all love the use of big names behind the gavel - and who has ever not loved Denis O'Hare in anything?!? - but it can be distracting and simply unrealistic when these judges dominate a trial due to odd personality quirks.

But what saved "Live From Damascus?" Eli, as always. He's now working with two women who both irritate and attract him, giving him plenty of chances to be his lovable, bombastic, awkward, annoyed self.

What did everyone else think? Did Will's suspension feel sudden or well-earned? Is it just an excuse by the show to let Alicia take over that tax case involving Kalinda? What could that possibly be about? Once again, due to the Oscars, the show takes another break next Sunday, so we'll find out more on March 4.


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In seeing the previews ......... I can't help but wonder what David Lee's niece is going to do.......seems like she might have something up her sleeve........


PLEASE do not take Will off of The Good Wife. No one can replace him, he IS WILL and always will be WILL, He offers a great deal to this show and the cast. Mr. Perry will be a nice addition but I hope you are not planning on him becoming the "NEW" Will.


Follow Diane's lead, Alicia, you'll be fine. What a bunch of crap, with the comment of under the radar on Kalinda's case I would surely have my guard up before the knife was pushed in.
If anybody handed me that line I would have them investigated for underhanded wrongdoings, and would turn this over to the SA office for fraud actions.
Its about time for Alicia to see the light about whats going on in her firm from all angles and how they are using her for their gain and info that Kalinda is prying from her. Thats some kind of friend who keeps prying!!!!


The scene that he asked Alicia to sit down and let himself talk, it is the first time that he talk to Alicia with the intent for her to swallow more of his BS. You know it is about time for the writers to grow Alicia up as a woman and not a little girl who stands around and let other people run all over her. From the start she has not changed at all, she shows so much inmaturity and lack of any selfrespect in herself. Looking down the road towards the end of these series we all will be totally blown away on which way she goes and yes it won't be Will.


I love this episode, the writers are so clever to give what we expected but still make us woo - the leaving of Will. In the very beginning of this season, we all knew that Will had done something wrong enough to be put in jail.Everyone, include Will himself, just kept fighting on It cos it was "15 years ago". It sounds like that was long enough to be forgiven. But, no, after the grand jury, then the Bar association, until Will facing Alicia, he knew that he was wrong. And, he need to face the result. The scene that he asked Alicia to sit down and let himself talked, it is the first time that he talk to his truth self. Not others, it is Alicia. I love the writers keep this episode in a very adult and professional mood - after they knew Will's decision, they just said nothing more cos it is his decision. This show really keep wonder me, great work!


Love the show, but hate the direction the writers are taking it these days. It see,s like a lot of waiting. They totally waste perfectly great talent with all of the stares and bogus plots. Why aren't we seeing more of Peter? Isn't the show "The Good Wife"
I love Peter's interactions with ALicia.
Cary is another great talent that is being wasted. Writers WAKE UP... You will lose your edge if you don't start writing more strategically and getting the full potentialout of your characters.


Can someone explain me the lack of Cary? Do the writers intend to do someting with the character, something more than 2 minutes scenes for episode, now that they've somehow closed that endless Will's plot? I'm really looking forward to find out what's up with him but it seems that writers don't want to please me.
And Eli was freaking hilarious and interesting back in seson 2. But now I find all his storyline totally disjointed from the rest and not so compelling. Making him a regular didn't pay so much.


Reasons for the gaps between shows: 1) the ratings have dropped; 2) the writers have to regroup as the script goes through multiple rewrites.


Did anyone notice how misleading the promo was for this episode? Diane tells Will to fight the disbarment and next we see Will leaving with a baseball bat. Suggesting that maybe he is going to lay some serious smackdown on somebody. Also if the brother is going to sue the computer guy for the death of his sister, he would need to show a death certificate. A person has to be declared legally dead before you can sue for wrongful death.


I love this show! but not happy lately with the story lines. It is becoming more like a soap opera. Also I hate it being on Sunday nights. Never beginning at 9 pm. Makes it very difficult to dvr it.

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