The Good Wife Review: Losing Their Will

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So, following events on "Live From Damascus," where there's a Will, there's no longer a way to practice law on The Good Wife. At least not for the next six months.

Aside from allowing me to use that incredibly witty pun, though, there's something missing from this Will storyline. It should be a major deal, right? It was treated that way last night, certainly, with Will's future at the firm up in the air, despite Diane's assurance that there will be a place for him again in half a year.

Rita Wilson on The Good Wife

But the punishment hinges on an incident from 15 years ago. We've heard plenty of references to this $45,000 heist and its eventual replacement, but we weren't there for it. We didn't know Will when it went down.

As a result, I can't say I feel particularly invested in the crime or subsequent suspension. There's a feeling of detachment here. We're just being told about something Will did and, moreover, we're being told about how he was ratted out... by Wendy Scott-Carr, a character no longer on the show.

For such a significant development, a great deal has taken place off camera. Viewers haven't really been part of any of these actions. Sure, I'm curious where this is all going and what will happen now with Will out of the Lockart/Gardner - sorry, Lockhart & Associates - picture, but I'm disappointed at the way The Good Wife arrived here. It was just thrust upon us.

Similarly, the case of the week wasn't especially engrossing, even if it did involve a couple welcome guest stars in Jonathan Groff and John Benjamin Hickey.

Sometimes, The Good Wife focuses more on being relevant than being engaging - and this felt like one of those times. The Syrian revolution and the role a tech company played in it felt like too obvious of an attempt to mirror real life events from last year and how Facebook shaped them in countries such as Egypt.

This was especially trye when it came to Judge Abernathy and his Occupy Wall Street references. Those were all just really odd and really forced. We all love the use of big names behind the gavel - and who has ever not loved Denis O'Hare in anything?!? - but it can be distracting and simply unrealistic when these judges dominate a trial due to odd personality quirks.

But what saved "Live From Damascus?" Eli, as always. He's now working with two women who both irritate and attract him, giving him plenty of chances to be his lovable, bombastic, awkward, annoyed self.

What did everyone else think? Did Will's suspension feel sudden or well-earned? Is it just an excuse by the show to let Alicia take over that tax case involving Kalinda? What could that possibly be about? Once again, due to the Oscars, the show takes another break next Sunday, so we'll find out more on March 4.


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This episode was definitely a bit off-kilter for me, too, but I think mainly because I didn't really connect with their case this week. Of course, I was impressed that Kalinda truly does have connections everywhere and that Diane pulled a selfless move in going to Deerfield and saying Will was responsible for the pro-bono program. Every scene with Will and Alicia was glorious and I couldn't help but yell at my TV, "give this man a hug already!" He has had the worst year ever. I think this episode served the purpose of advancing the story line just enough to get Will out of Lockhart Gardner and having Kalinda's tax file be passed to Alicia. After a three-week break, I think I was expecting a bit more... but with episode 16 on March 4, the creepy and quirky Colin Sweeney returns, so we're bound to be in for some good drama. I think what's most interesting is that we're going to see Will out of his natural habitat for awhile. This could be a great adventure!


I really hope Will will stay on the show, he is my favorite male character on the show. Also, I want Will and Alicia together. I hate his ex from last season.


I'm so tired of the snarky women in the DA's office - and what's gives with the now-fired special prosecutor being able to win after all. The whole thing involving Will's past misbehavior was way overdone and came to a fizzle conclusion. What's this with Kalinda's case? The dialogue was totally obscured by too-loud background soundtrack, so I missed whatever significance there was supposed to be. And - finally - the show is about to self-destruct with all the liberal-cause story lines. There's way too much social consciousness, left leaning, and completely obvious play to make the liberal point. Enough already - I watch TV to be entertained, not lectured to.


My scenario:
Will is going to have some fun with his ex. Alicia is going to work on Kalinda's case. We are going to find out more about Kalinda's ugly past. Diane is going to make Alicia senior partner.
I agree with Melissa on the fact that Alicia will be dealing with jealousy issues :)
Will's 6 month will be less because 6 month in a movie does never mean actually 6 month for us. They can jump in time.
The bottom line: Alicia and Will is going to realize they actually love each other and hook up again as partners.


@Melissa if thats what is going to happen then i will be ecstatic!!!! :)


They are not writing Will off, I think everyone needs to relax. My personal predictions for Will's future is this: He hooks up with Tammy wanting more out of his life than work. Alicia is jealous, and Will realizes that Tammy is not The One. But being this show, neither one tells the other how they really feel. Power plays go on at work with Alicia possibly becoming a partner. Something happens where Will's 6 month suspension gets shortened and he returns to the firm early. Season finale is Will confessing to Alicia what he really said in the voice mail and how he feels about her and asking her to divorce Peter. But clearly I am way too invested in the show:)


I don't think that they're writing Will off. Based on casting information, it seems like his two sisters are coming into town, and also his love interest from last season will be back. So while we may see less of him, it's more likely that we'll see different aspects of will outside the walls of a law firm or a courtroom. I also didn't realize when I first commented that the show would skip another week. So annoying. And also so annoying that last night's episode was delayed by 21 minutes.


Why are they writing Will off? Mathew Perry..really?? Maybe he's leaving for the same reason William Petersen left CSI Nevada.


Matthew Perry ...are you kidding?? I don't know if I can watch the show anymore without Will. How can you take out such a main character? I have watched the show from day 1 and loved it from the start and of course how can you not love Ms Margulies. I love the entire cast...entire... Most of my friends feel the same as I.
I will start watching the show when Will returns and not me.
PS..M Perry is no sub for Will. I am truly upset over this and yes I have a life but this show takes me to another place on Sunday evening.
Regards Mrs. "P"


While I really like The Good Wife, and have since its beginning, it's
becoming more like a soap opera than anything else. Aside from the sometimes
confusing story lines, the audio feed leaves a lot to dislike. I missed much
of the dialogue because of occasional soft audio & muttered lines, plus waaay too much dialogue to begin with. I still have no idea who the people
were from Syria (their names being incomprehensible), or what any of them had to do with the software problem. It was just a jumble. Sorry, I may get flack from this review, but I may have to give up on this series unless it calms down a little. Oh, and the business of the judge was just stupid.

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