The Vampire Diaries "All My Children" Synopsis, Pics: What Did Damon Do?!?

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Oh, Damon. What did you do now?

Or, should we ask, what are you about to do?

The CW has released a series of photos from the February 16 episode of The Vampire Diaries, "All My Children," along with that installment's official synopsis - and the description and the look on Damon's face both make it clear that he's about to let Elena down. Big time.

Downtrodden Damon

This is the network's preview of the episode:

After starting her day with a startling discovery of Damon’s latest indiscretion, Elena is frustrated to find that none of her friends agree with her on how they should react to the Original family’s internal power struggle. Once again caught up in the destiny of the Bennett witches, Bonnie and Abby find themselves playing a part in a ritual to appease the spirits of nature.

When Elijah gives Damon and Stefan (Paul Wesley) a dangerous ultimatum that puts Elena in danger, they turn to Alaric and Meredith for help with a plan that leads them to a terrible choice.

Looks like the original Salvatore bad boy is about to go bad again.

But that's in two weeks. This Thursday, he and Stefan will still be battling to protect Elena, as evidenced in this clip from "Dangerous Liaisons."

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can i ask you a question? won't you make a round table for the new episode? it was preety awesome as you pointed out !!!


@Jenna, I agree with you about how every topic of discussion turns into a fan war, which reminds me of the GG forum where 24/7 it is Chair vs Dair fans. That is the reason I do not really go there anymore because I am tired of going through pages and pages of the same comments about who is perfect for Blair. But onto the topic of this article, so Damon screws up again, and looks bad in front of Elena, that is who he is! He is not perfect and he shouldn't be, if the writers of the show do not want to screw up everything which reminds us of the VD books, they should not make Damon a saint. And I hate the fact that some people here want him to be this great hero guy. No! It is not in his nature, yes he does good deeds and saves people's lifes, all in the name of Elena, but he can also be rude and mean and disrepectful. I do not want to see every character on this show being transformed into a saint, it would make the show unbearable to watch.


Good point. Also If she is not willing to turn then there is no point of her being with either of the brothers because you cant have it both ways, stay human get old and be with a vamp. So Elena should either turn or move on to a human guy. I think she should take a beat and hang out with Matt - her ONLY human friend. Plus Klaus would let her be as he wants her to be with a human. Also - Stefan is such an arse with the comments that he puls of to Elena or in front of her. He bit/fed on her and now tells her every day that he doesnt care or jokes like {thats jor job now Damon} So she is starting to look pethetic by giving him the time of day.


I think it can go in both directions. Damon could let Elena down because he wants her to hate him. Or Elena is still in denying process with her feelings for Damon. By the way there are some pics with her and
Stefan which let me be afraid about that the last one is the directions the writers choose. I think the stronger storytelling for Damon is letting him be so strong to avoid Elena for her own safety because it makes him the strong man i want him to be. He was so adorable in this season, not just this character who`s freakin out by any single dissapointment. He loves Elena so much, that he saved Stefan for her. I think he want the fair win. It`s not real if she just choose him because "old" Stefan is not aroung. Damon is smarter these days and i really like it. So i madly hope that he will sleep or faking to sleep with Katherine/Rebekka/Caroline because he wants Elena tp push away from him. This would be the smart Damon.


I totally agree with you Annie


He is gonna Sleep with one of the characters.
who cares who he slept with, Elena has no right to be mad because she doesnt want to be with him, THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER, so Damon is free to sleep with who ever he wants. Probably Rebekah, but I hope they mix it up and its someone totally out of the blue like, Bonnie. it would be nice to see a vamp and a which. Elena rejects the guy everyday so whats the problem.


"the look on Damon's face makes it clear that he's about to let Elena down. Big time."
Actually, I think it's more logical to say Elena is about to let Damon down big time. Why else would he need to cope by sleeping with Rebekah? He would never do that if Elena didn't make him lose hope. And his sleeping with Rebekah shouldn't let Elena down - Elena won't admit any feelings for Damon, she has no claim to him, they're not even together - she can't protest reasonably, especially if she broke his heart.


I wouldn't be surprised if Damon sacrifices his own happiness to save Elena. He would do anything including die for her. Stefan said so himself in the past when he talked about Damon protecting her. He is used to losing and being emotionally numb from heartache that sacrificing his own wants and desires to save her would seem fitting though I don't want to see that happen. He already told Stefan in the last episode that he didn't save him for Stefan's sake but he did it for her. Ultimately he wants her to be happy. I just hope at some point before the season is over that she realizes what he did was for her and understands how much he truly loves her. Love is about sacrifice isn't it? The beautiful thing would be for her at the point she realizes this to tell him how she feels. Of course in a town of demons there is no fairy tale ending so who knows?


I Agree with Jenna lol, Put Elena with ELAJAH for a while ")) that would mix it up a bit coz the treo is not really going anywhere. Also I think it would be nice if Dr Fell is normal, her & Alaric get together and she moves in with Elena aand Him. Alaric deserves a non-phsyco chiki and after all the dead family it would create some nice human balance for Elena FOR ONCE! Plus She is a doc so thats handy in that house lol! I wonder who is killing all the council ppl? Any thoughts?? I dont think its Kat or Dr Fell. Wot do you guys think?


Delena has so many Fans!! Look at all the polls
The writers would be stupid and ignoring if they dont make delena endgame!
Damon loves Elena!! He would give up his life for Elena. Stefan just walked away when she really needed him

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