True Blood Casts Youngest Member of The Authority Council

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True Blood has cast its youngest, and perhaps creepiest, vampire.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jacob Hopkins has landed the role of Alexander Drew, a member of The Authority who was turned at the age of nine.

TB Actor Pic

Hopkins - who has appeared on an episode of How I Met Your Mother - joins Christopher Meloni, Peter Mensah, and Carolyn Hennesy on the Authority. They're expected to play key season five roles this summer, going up against Eric and Bill.


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Minivamps just creep me out. This ought to be good... Can't wait!


dude, "dexter idolizer", why on earth do you even watch the show if you hate it so much? i just checked out a bunch of casting notices on here, and each one has some negative comment by you. some of us like true blood, and since you obviously don't, it just makes you look pathetic to rag on it every chance you get.


Cool news, and he kinda looks like my son :-)


This kid must have the coolest parents EVER. No telling what he's gonna see.


I'm sorry, but this is just too creepy.


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