Alex O'Loughlin to Take Absence from Hawaii Five-0 for Pain Med Treatment

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Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O'Loughlin will miss at least one episode of the CBS drama, his rep said today in a statement, explaining:

“Alex is taking a short break from Hawaii Five-0 to receive supervised treatment for prescription pain medication due to a recent shoulder injury."

Steve McGarrett Receives Call

Hawaii Five-0 will continue production - it is currently filming episode 20 - and is expected to complete all season two episodes, despite the uncertain status of its leading man. Said CBS Studios in response to the news

“We respect and support Alex’s decision. Everyone at CBS Television Studios and Hawaii Five-0 wishes him well, and we look forward to his return.”

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I Just saw this on yahoo. I think he is so brave to admit to this problem and of course should take as much time as he needs for help. I thought he was looking frail and I was truly worried for him. This is very common when you are injured and doctors give you these meds and really dont tell you how addictive they are. The more pain you are in the more you think you need. His job is so physical and he works out like a maniac so an injury is to be expected. I wonder if the season will be shortened for him. I think it should be, not because I dont want a full season but he needs time to get better and the show is based on him. There is no H50 without mcg. Your fans are proud of you AOL for getting the help you need!!

Sarah silva

Also wanted to add that an injury is no surprise based on the physicality of the show. Scott Cann had injured his knee doing a stunt on the show

Sarah silva

I said for months that he was looking way to thin. My mom said she thought he was fine. Sadly I was right that there was an issue. I hope he takes this time to get well. Based on my profile name , everyone knows that he is my favorite actor.


I too have read good wishes for Alex. I'm sorry to hear that there are people that would comment otherwise, but there is always the element that likes to kick people when they are down. We don't know the extent of this, and we should not speculate. Know that it can happen to anyone. He's getting the advice he needs. I hope he takes whatever time is needed. Alex, your fans and H50 fans wish you well.


Prayers going out for Alex. So sorry he has had to go through this pain, but really thankful that he is strong enough to admit he needs help. Kudos to CBS for standing by Alex and supporting him as he seeks treatment. Hopefully this time of treatment away from work will give him time to get his mind settled so he won't ever have this issue again.

Mrs cleaver

@Lena - really sorry to hear that people have been unkind on other forums you have seen. The pressure AOL must be under to look good and to put on a good show week after week must be huge. Thankfully on the other forums I've read, everyone has been really supportive.


Best wishes to Alex. He's an awesome actor and seems like a great guy! I hope he is able to return to his full strength and health quickly. I'm glad that CBS and Hawaii Five-O are giving him their full support.


I wasn't finished, Alex should take as long as he needs to completely heal both physically and mentally and not rush back. As much as we will miss him and the show will miss, his well being is more important and I'm confident the show is safe for a 3rd season


Sorry to hear about Alex hope he gets healthy and back soon. I can attest to the pain of a shoulder injury. I'm a snowboarder X racer and I've had a broken wrist, an elbow injury and kept on competing, but I had a shoulder injury 2 years ago and was out for a year. Four months I couldn't raise my arm and if you dropped a kleenex on it the pain was unbeilevable


Thankfully Alex is getting the help he needs. Being in the public eye must make this even more painful. I hope he takes the time he needs and knows that his fans are behind him and praying for him. Love his portrayl of McG and hope to see him back happy and healthy soon!

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