Being Human Review: It's Human Nature

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Ugh. "I've Got You Under Your Skin" forced me to suffer through Suren. At the very least she was frightened of her mother's return to Boston, so she wasn't acting as high and mighty as she was in previous episodes. Aidan, Josh and Sally were all very busy living their separate lives this week, but I was okay with it, because their stories were compelling enough to hold my interest.

Aaaaoooo werewolves of Boston. It appears my guess that last week might have been Nora's last hurrah could have been true. She and Josh broke up and there were no signs of reconciliation. His sister even brought Julia back into the picture. I'm really not sure how I feel about that. Once we met wereNora, we saw a whole new dark, sexy side of her. That could have lead to a lot of story for her and Josh, but if Josh is meant to be the lighthearted of the three roommates, I guess taking him in that direction wouldn't fit with the overall tone of the show.

So we're left with Julia and Josh nursing a wasted Emma. Remembering old times, they each shared secrets they should never have said out loud. They're heading to one of those places where if you dare go after a bad breakup you'd better be prepared to be all in or hurt even worse than the first time. Josh finally admitted he wouldn't revisit a future with Julia, but they were sweet together and I wasn't as outraged about it as I expected so soon after Nora.

Josh in Bed

Don't fear the Reaper. Watching Sally reap the Reaper kicked ass! She has really come into her own this season. No more sniveling for our tough dead girl. The look on her face was fierce. It didn't exactly work out as she had planned, but it played nicely into the Reaper's own agenda. He wanted Sally to feel the rush, the sense of fulfillment she could have by taking his place. The bummer is I want him to stick around. Why can't she just be his apprentice for a while and they work side by side to even out the load? The Reaper is hot. He's badly needed, especially while Aidan is otherwise occupied with Suren.

Sally's first job as a reaper? Stevie. She tried everything she could to get out of it, but the Reaper knew Stevie had been shredding all of his friends and lying to Sally about it. While she couldn't bring herself to do it, she knew it had to be done and that was enough for Hot Reaper Man. They're moving forward with her lessons.

The bitch is back. And Suren takes the title. Other than having sex with her, I still have not figured out the whole story about what Henry did that upset Suren so much 80 years ago. Someone please enlighten me. To prove how dearly he wanted to atone for his sins he agreed to be flayed alive. As in skinned. And Suren thought it would be enjoyable. From this point out I hope like Hell that Aidan keeps his distance from her on a personal level and helps her on only to the degree that he has been required by Mother to gain his freedom.

Adian is a good man, despite his many faults and screwed up experiences. I can't believe there is any way he would willfully associate with someone who would want to skin his "son" alive.

This is probably the first time this season where each of them wore their humanity like a raw meat suit. Wanting so badly to be human and forget the monster, but knowing every second what they once were was gone forever. Since Suren was so ugly, I can count this as a strong episode. That's three in a row. How do you think the season's going to end?

I'm looking forward to Henry sticking around, Suren dying a horrible death, Sally learning to reap and Adian and Josh finding some peace within themselves that they can share with others.


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Really strong episode. What I did find rather odd was once again the lack of attentiveness ir rather delayed attentiveness to sally. She never did say goodbye but id overlook that because she did last season,but she could have been gone for good when they got back and josh would have been none the wiser and aidan was so unaffected. When she needs help or has something major going on their own stuff is always bigger so then she ends up sort of neglected. I know they adore her but and yet it comes off so unbalanced. I must be in the rare minority who doesn't miss Nora


Suren and Aidan weren't together in the past, they were just working together. Aidan always refused her advances, and when he finally was about to give in and admit to wanting her, he found her sleeping with Henry and they were like, "LOL too late." So Suren and Henry were pretty much together from that point on, until Henry cheated on Suren, causing Suren to go psycho and then get buried for however many decades as punishment. So now Suren is not only pissed at Henry for cheating on her but also for being the reason she spent the past few decades underground. It was all explained via flashbacks in the episode "Addicted to Love." :)


You know, Mere, what I found weird about the skinning was I thought Suren had already done it. I mean, Henry was screaming "just kill me" and such, but then 10 minutes later they showed him taking off his shirt again and her unwrapping the knife. Bad editing obviously robbed us of seeing the goo. They must have crinkled the film or something and didn't have time for a do-over. Hehe.


Suzanne - I guess what I don't understand is WHY Suren was pissed off that Henry was banging a chick in her room. Were they together? I thought she was with Aidan. That's the part I'm confused about. I remember him having sex and her eating the guests, but I didn't realize they were dating. When she came to the show they made it seem she and Aidan had some incredible love affair...that whole story just lost me. Obviously. ;-)


I, too, am severely bummed we're not seeing more wereNora. The character had just started to get interesting for me. Good girls are overrated. Also, I feel like we got cheated out of seeing some/any of the flaying. Having already witnessed the Aidan-JimMorrison blood orgy, I know it can't be the gore they're afraid of. Plus, making Aidan watch would have been so painful -- good emotion for the show. So why no skinning?


re. How Henry pissed off Suren: She caught him banging a woman in her bedroom back in the day, which was what set her off and led to the massacre that resulted in her being buried for 80 years. Not only was that explained when Henry was introduced, it was recapped in this episode -watch the flashback sequences.

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Emma: Am I gonna see balls?
Josh: I'm so glad you're here. My beautiful baby sister. I need someone who's required to love me.

So this is what you do? You radically mind screw ghosts before you reap them? Classy.