Mondays 9:00 PM on SyFy
"There Goes the Neighborhood Part III"

As Aidan fights to destroy the house's evil spirits, his future is changed as Sally does all she can to stop her vision from coming true on the series finale of Being Human.

"House Hunting"

When it comes time to leave the house, the roommates find they aren't the only ones having trouble leaving on Being Human.

"Ramona the Pest"

Nora and Sally try to help Josh conquer his werewolf while a recent death weighs on Aidan on Being Human.

"Oh Don't You Die On Me"

Josh ends up deeper in the world of wolves as he tries to mend fences with Nora on Being Human.

"Too Far, Fast Forward!"

Sally tries to magically transport herself back to the present to ask an enemy for help on Being Human.

"Rewind, Rewind..."

Sally uses magic to return to the past but when she tries to get back to the present she realizes she's changed the future on Being Human.

"Gallows Humor"

Looking for help in dealing with her latest loss, Sally ends up getting more than she bargained for on Being Human.

"Cheater of the Pack"

Josh worries about his future with Nora when things take a surprising turn on Being Human.

"Pack It Up, Pack It In"

Kenney and Aidan spend a night drinking over their sorrows while Nora and Josh host a baby shower for their new wolf friends on Being Human.

"Panic Womb"

Even as his romance with Kat becomes more serious, Aidan continues his relationships with his vampire friends on Being Human.