Blue Bloods Review: Sibling Rivalries & Sunday Dinner

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"Reagan V. Reagan" pitted Erin and Danny against one another in a high profile murder case, but the it wasn't nearly as entertaining as watching the two fight like a couple of kids at the dinner table.

A defense attorney was killed in public moments before Erin stumbled across him. Somehow that murder didn't pack the punch for me that I felt it should have. Was it because the character used sleazy tactics in court? Perhaps, but it felt like there should have been more drama surrounding an attorney getting stabbed as he walked away from a trial.

What his murder did give us was the tension between Erin and Danny. For some reason, sibling rivalries never leave us no matter how old we get.

Danny vs. Erin

The confrontation about Danny's investigation felt off to me. I know Erin had a case she wanted to win, but Danny's job was to follow every lead and certainly the text the man received minutes before his death that told him to go to that bench qualified as such. Erin's anger at Danny for doing his job was irrational. She seemed to be taking it personally and losing her perspective because she didn't want to lose her case. I expected more from Erin.

The remaining defense attorney was smart to put Danny on the stand. She was building reasonable doubt. That's her job. Erin's tough cross examination was a justifiable response to that.

The funny part was when the two siblings went head-to-head over Sunday dinner. They argued while passing potatoes and corned beef. They bickered like a couple of kids, causing Henry to comment that it was as though they were 10 and eight all over again. Frank shot back that the behavior was bad enough when they actually were 10 and eight and Jamie wondered what everyone else had to complain about, as he was the one who was always stuck in between the two in the car as they fought.

I might not always think that Blue Bloods gets the investigation or the court scene just right, but it portrays family life so well. Henry even sent the quarreling siblings off to do the dishes as punishment.

Frank, meanwhile, had other issues, as he wondered whether an old friend was involved with a credit card scam. How stupid do you have to be to scam the Police Commissioner's credit card? However, I suppose they did get away with it for a while. 

The best part of that story was how matter of fact Garrett was about the whole thing. I especially liked it when he told Frank to charge the house Scotch instead of the expensive stuff.

I did wish we'd gotten to see Frank's birthday dinner but, then again, I doubt they could do much better than the standard Reagan Sunday meal. 


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Maybe it's because she's new to the chosol and doesn't really have any close friends yet? Likewise your friends are probably only trying to make her feel included. Try and make sure that when she does pick her new best friend' that they don't leave your group make sure you do lots of stuff together like shopping and going to the cinema and whatever so that this girl doesn't feel isolated and sees that your group has a good dynamic together and make sure she can feel like part of that.


How did it end. Guess basketball ran over

Sarah silva

I really liked this episode. I love the family dynamic, Sunday dinner is one of my favorite parts of each episode.
In a way Erin was a little tough on Danny BUT they are both great at what they do.
I guess the show runners got all the angry fan mail and are including Jamie in more episodes again!!!


I think the family dinners are perfect, we don't need a birthday party, they do that every Sunday. I was getting irritated at Erin for not understanding Danny had to look into the murder and that it would have to crossover to her case since it was the opposing attorney who was killed. Other then that, I like the sibling arguements. We all forget sometimes we are grown up when it comes to family.
Not the best episode, but enjoyable.


This one was one of my least favorite episodes. I found Erin and Danny annoying and the court room scenes boring. It's still my favorite show... but this one just felt blah. Would have been nice to see Frank's birthday party rather than just talk about it for 30 seconds. More family time.


Oh and can we get more Jackie and Garrett? They're just super hilarious and really deserves some more screen time. I'd like to know more about them.


With an episode titled "Reagan vs Reagan", I have a higher expectation set for drama and sibling rivalry, but turns out it's just the same Danny-Erin quarrel that we have seen lots of times until now.
And I love Erin teasing Jamie about that career he never took and Jamie replying that he's glad he's a cop now.
And the thing I look forward most in an episode is the sunday dinner :)
Great episode but didn't live up to my expectations.


In the car when they were children, where was Joe, the brother that died? Was the car a van or something? If we assume the mom was beside Frank in the front? PS: I love Erin and Danny fight.


I kind of agree with Beth at least for this episode. Erin and the courtroom scenes were really dull.


Wow, Beth - I disagree. Erin is one of the brightest lights on that show, serving as an excellent counterpoint and foil to Danny. C. Orlando is right: the family dynamics are just about perfect. Anyone who comes from a large family as I did can attest to that. We bicker amongst ourselves and try to logically burn each other but when someone threatens the family, we band together like wolves. Amazing stuff.

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