Cryptic Gossip Girl Spoiler: Breakup Ahead?

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Something big is coming up on Gossip Girl (returning April 2 for its spring stretch run) ... we just can't spell it out what it us yet. That's where you come in ... and bring your vocabulary skills.

Michael Ausiello of TV Line writes simply:

"There’s a **e**u* on the horizon."

A Lovely Lady in Red

Have at it, word sleuths. BREAKUP seems like a logical fit for that clue, and there are a number of ways that could fit with the plot. Do you think that's it? If so, who does it apply to?

Share your theories and comments below.

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It's pretty obvious that the BIG BREAKUP will be between Blair and Serena, I think that when Gossip Girl unveils Blairs diary, Dan will probably grow confused and assume that Blair still loves Chuck, however I think in the end Blair will make her final choice for Dan but by the time she does Serena will have used the opportunity to make a play for Dan, Blair will undoubtedly catch them together with a broken heart this will mark the end of the Dan and Blair saga, and even the end of the Blair and Chuck saga since she is finally making her choice and even the end of the Blair Serena relationship, pretty unsatisfying finale if you ask me, but definitely dramatic. we will see.


I think Gossip Girl should rid the show of Serena. Whether it's dying like Marissa Cooper or moving away on her own will like Little J, the show would certainly benefit from her being gone. I like that she is showing her bitchy, narcissistic side(because frankly, I believe those are undoubtedly her true colours). Or even if she does not leave at the end of this season, I think she should leave the UES near the end of the sixth-- it'll be like finishing GG the way it started: with Serena out of the UES because of some stupid cowardly reason that uses as an excuse to run away from her life. I just don't like her-- in real life or in the show. If this spoiler is anything about a supposed breakup, I think a breakup between the show/Serena or the UES/Serena would be just excellent. xoxo, Blake-nonfanatic


Because of the news that Lily and Rufus will be having trouble this season, i think it may be them that will break up. Due to the fact that Blair is obviously going to end up with Chuck in the end, I think Rufus and Lily breaking up will give leeway for Dan and Serena to get back together.
Being a huge GG fan from season 1, I've always thought Derena was the most pure and amazing love TV has seen in a long time. Every season they have at least one moment where they realize they still love each other.
This season, the worst yet in my opinion, has shown Dan being a complete jerk to Serena. This is not the Dan from the other seasons. As well, the fact that Blair would do this to Serena even though she was one of the biggest Derena shippers of the whole show, is surprising. I hope the writers will get their sh** together.


Hi all, my opinion is that the writers are playing it wrong, blair would never choose dan! then the real fans (like me and my friends) were always supporting and waiting for to chuck and blair come together and finally when it should happen u do this? unlogical couple blair and dan I cant understand how it is normal ? how it would real fan support that? they were such a great couple together with chuck, it was all in, sexy, funny, playful, passionate. I will be honest I DONT SEE PASSION BETWEEN DAN AND BLAIR, WHO DOES??? I think that the final season should be about CHAIR, finally ... when not Im really upset and considering to stop watch it because of not logical writing... Think people! would ever Blair choose Dan over Chuck? or over Nate ? at least Nair, NOT Dair!!! (sorry for the english, not my native lang)


@CrAZychicke we all know nate's love life never fits right because well its simple he & jenny belong together its fate lol so well said :) i go with u on that one


You people are so bizarre. Now that Blair has become almost the face of the show you want more of serena, and when serena was the face of the show you wanted more of Blair! Blair is definitely not the "new Serena" because she is a much more complex, intelligent and developed character than serena is. Anyway, I personally think that, even though serena was the principal character in the series, blair chuck and even jenny have had much more interesting storylines. so the way i see it blake is not the only star in the show. leighton is an amazing actress as well as ed chace and penn. they are all the star of the shows, if any of them leaves the show it will lost its way. I love leighton meester, she is so beautiful and seems so relaxed and down to earth, not to mention she is so talented! she can sing dance act etc, you name it. she is definitely my favorite character in the show! i just love how complex she is. LOVE YOU BLAIR.


@Zoran. That's an interesting take on a conflict between those two. A breakup of a friendship possibly. I could see all of that being the fall out from a conflict between Blair and Serena also.


@ GossipGirlFan13
I agree with you. Blake should not leave the series. Blake is a lead actress and her character is at the beginning of the 114 episodes. I think she will not leave the series, and she will be less than that appearing in it. For example, if there are 15 episodes, she will play in maybe 5-6.
However, yesterday I read an interesting assumption that the break in fact a conflict between Blair and Serena. I think this is realistic and that this conflict will lead to a real break in the series (the whole season there was no conflict between Blair and Serena). Because when it comes to conflict Dan are likely to support Blair, and Chuck to Serena. Therefore there is an indirect conflict between Dan and Serena, and between Blair and Chuck. Collateral damage is likely to be a marriage between Lily and Rufus, for each of the two of them will support their child.


Wonder if they will take her off similar to Marissa on the OC in that will it be a possible death or will she just leave? I thought it was a mistake when they killed her off the OC and I will think the same thing if Serena leaves GG. Dair as endgame and the combination of losing a lead character...this shows going to crap quick. I'll stick it out just like I did with The OC though.


@Zoran I also agree that Blake may be leaving the series because of the interview with Perez. But nowhere in that Elle interview does she say she wants to leave the show. I don't know where everyone got that from. I have the magazine and she basically says that their contracts expire at the end of next season and that they are ALL ready to move on to other things.

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