Georgina Haig Cast as New Agent on Fringe

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Fringe will not air a new episode until March 23, but the mysterious Fox drama is giving fans plenty to ponder until then.

As first reported by TV Line, Australian actress Georgina Haig has been cast on the series in a potentially recurring role. She'll debut on episode 19 of season four as Etta, the partner of a new agent portrayed by Henry Ian Cusick.

What will the pair be up to? Will they be employe Over Here or Over There? Will there be a season five on which one or the other - Cusick is attached to ABC's Scandal -  can return? All question for fans to debate over the next few weeks.


Have you not noticed, they have been trying to kill this show forever. They moved it to the dead zone, ( don't care I DL it anyway) but these huge breaks between episodes is ridiculous. There is no way a new fan is going to stick with it when they see two episodes then have a 3 week break, then see a few more and another 3 week break and so forth. Come on guys! I can only pray if FOX dumps them the SciFi channel or some other channel picks it up. I love this show. Quality and so interesting. I just love the whole premise and I really enjoy the acting. I do miss old Walter and Olivia though. I hope we see them again at some point. That is how good the acting is, I miss the other characters the same actors played last season!


NO! NO! NO! Now is NOT the time, FOX, to bring in new characters on this show! With possibly only a few episodes left, and the prospect of another season unknown at this point, time is best spent concentrating on the character we CARE about; those that we have grown to love over nearly four seasons. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, FOX? Are you intentionally trying to kill this show? Peter, Olivia, and Walter are really the only ones that matter right now, and by connection, Nina, Broyles, Astrid, the Observers, and lastly, William Bell's role in all this. I cannot believe the writers and the network would even consider this. What disrespect to the fans who have kept this show alive this long!

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