John de Lancie Cast as Elder on The Secret Circle

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The Secret Circle has beamed up an important new guest star.

Show sources tell TV Guide that John de Lancie - best known for playing Q in the Star Trek movies - will appear on multiple episodes of The CW drama as Royce Armstrong, Jake's powerful grandfather. Look for this character to emerge with information about the infamous pier fire 16 years ago.

He'll debut on episode 19.

The Secret Circle returns with a new installment on March 15, as previewed above.

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Oh my gosh. Yay yay yay! John de Lancie? He was my favorite character on Star Trek TNG and even though I honestly disliked STTNG, I watched all episodes with Q in them. So so so gonna watch the Secret Circle for him. Yay can't wait. John de Lancie. And he's gonna be a powerful witch dude. Let's hope they have him snap his finger (at least once) to do some sort of power. Hehehe.


Ironically enough, he also played an Elder on Charmed, so I love the idea that he's coming on The Secret Circle as an Elder too!


Yes!! I'm so thrilled about this news. For starters amazing actor and I'm glad to hear he'll be in multiple episodes. Now, I love the Elders and to see more coming is great news! With Jane finally returning in Episode 17, I hope this means she'll be able to meet with Royce and perhaps even Kate can show up again too. It would just be awesome to see the Elders gathering. Now, I always knew there was more to the story about what happened 16 years ago than just what was shown in "Witness" so I'm really excited to hear that more information about that day is coming! Color me both intrigued and excited, and bring on the Elders! I'm sure this will be an emotional connection for Jake as well.

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