Michelle Borth Promoted to Series Regular on Hawaii Five-0

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Things are about to get even hotter in Hawaii.

Michelle Borth, who has recurred on Hawaii Five-0 as Lt. Catherine Rollings over the last two seasons, has been promoted to series regular, Deadline confirms. It's unknown at this time exactly what prompts the character to stick around, or what her status will be with love interest Steve McGarrett, but the promotion kicks in this fall.

Michelle Borth on Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 is on a break and will return with a new, serial-killer based episode on April 9.

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I'm not happy about not having Alex in the crossover but let's enjoy what we have. I'm looking forward to see the NCIS LA team with the rest of the H50 team, even dough I'm having trouble picturing Scott among them. I don't know why but I have the feeling he does not fit there at all (sorry for that). I'm really curious about how they are going to work together, about the jokes between the two teams (if any) etc.




I'm happy to see that Michelle Borth will be a series regular. I've liked her since seeing her in the movie Timer.


@lena..thank you. I had thought that the max episode was 2.21? Is that part of the crossover? So only 23 episodes this season? Wow I think I am tired cause nothing is sticking in my brain tonight. I agree that all we can do to support him as fans is continue supporting the show while he gets better. With a heavy heart I will do it for him. I do love the whole cast so I will still be entertained but it wont be the same. I do think scott has done a great job at kind of taking the lead. Gives him a chance to stretch his role a bit. But Mcg will always be the leader for me.


@@amazingalex... Episode 2.21 will be the cross-over and Wo-Fat will be back in 2.22 maybe 2.22 and 2.23 will be a two parter could be because 2.23 is the finale!


@amazingalex... You and me both hon I'll will miss him too I feel for Alex finally he has his hit show and now this happens to him that's why I will keep support the show that's the only thing I can do for him you know! And I am happy that Daniel took his place I love Chin to and he really didn't had much this season. Alex will be fine again he is strong the fans will wait for him even if we have to wait till September!


@zia..yeah I feel for him too. The story did not gain all that much steam though so that is good. It seemed to be a big story for a day and then died down. Better for alex to have the privacy. I dont understand the filming schedule cause I thought the crossover on the H50 side was 2.22?? I am sooooo confused!!!! So 2.23 would be where wo fat returns????


@Amazingalex.....I thought it was for 2.22, because PLenkov tweeted that Wofat was in 2.22 to another fan. I was thinking that maybe this would roll over to the season finale. I'm just thinking out loud. The boss he is speaking of in the spoiler could also be the informant's boss. Somebody is going to get killed off, I assume its in the finale and not 2.22, but what do I know. I've been wrong before. I think Alex will be fine, I'm sure he's not looking forward to being in public for the first time since this. I feel for him there. @Jschoi, I'll miss Alex in the crossover also, but at least DDK got to go to LA, and we get to see Chin more. We have all next year for Alex.


@jschoi...For me too I love both shows but who knows maybe we get something we haven't seen Sam in any BTS pics yet keep my fingers crossed and if it turns out that it is better for Alex to skip the cross-over then there is always next season Lucky for us both shows are renew for another season:)


@lena..no the stunt guy does not have tattoos but they tattoo him for scenes where he is supposed to be alex. That is why I wondered if that was who that was. I understand they would be protective of him I just am finding the spoilers very telling. Usually steve and wo fat go hand in hand in the stories but he is not mentioned, only danny. @zia...hmm that is a really good guess about what could be the cliffhanger. That could be. I know he needs to take all the time he needs to get better but I still want him back. It is selfish of me, I realize that. I miss the guy. Maybe if he is back on set there is a confidentiality thing that no one can take any pics or discuss him being there. It is possible I suppose. I cant help but worry about him. I hope he is okay. I am telling myself I will see him in Sept. Then I will be prepared. I will still watch though, but I will miss him.

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