Michelle Borth Promoted to Series Regular on Hawaii Five-0

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Things are about to get even hotter in Hawaii.

Michelle Borth, who has recurred on Hawaii Five-0 as Lt. Catherine Rollings over the last two seasons, has been promoted to series regular, Deadline confirms. It's unknown at this time exactly what prompts the character to stick around, or what her status will be with love interest Steve McGarrett, but the promotion kicks in this fall.

Michelle Borth on Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 is on a break and will return with a new, serial-killer based episode on April 9.


@Diana Lori is gone, for good. There isn't going to be some stalker rampage. Terry O'Quinn is open to reappear in further episodes with his ties to the Wo Fat case. Both German and O'Quinn have news shows, and the only one of them who could possibly be coming back is O'Quinn.


‎.. could do with his character, if Terry O'Quinn's new show doesn't work and and Mr. O'Quinn decides he would like to return to H50.


‎@JeffreySeanKeith I hate to be the bearer of bad news but all of the Core 4(Steve, Danny, Chin and Kono) actors signed multi-year contracts when the started the show last year which means that their contracts aren't even up for renewal for the next 2 to 5 years, so none of them are going anywhere anytime soon. Most likely they are either bringing back Terry O'Quinn (Joe White) who has a new show on ABC starting in the fall or Lauren German (Lori Weston) who has a new show on NBC starting in the fall too, or both to be killed off in the season finale. Most likely it will be, Lori Weston, because now that Michelle Borth is going to become a regular cast member there really is not any place to take the character of Lori, other than to make her a psycho stalker who goes after Catherine which is just going to get her killed by either Catherine in self defense or Steve protecting Catherine. Whereas, with Joe having tie-ins with the larger Wo Fat story there are still many things they could do with his character, if Terry O'Quinn's new show doesn't work and and Mr. O'Quinn decides he would like to return to H50.


Thank you Zia. @Jeffrey - Lori/Lauren was signed on for x amount of episodes. Her contract was fulfilled and not renewed. She has a new show starting in the fall, I recommend that you watch it - something about Chicago. Maybe they'll even have a blog like this one for it.


@Jeffrey......I respect that you liked Lori, and I'm sorry for your sake, that your favorite character is gone. But please don't compare the Lori character with the importance of any of the core 4. I think you are actually the one who needs to keep up with reality. They tried getting a 5th member, and it was a disaster, TPTB are not going to try that again so soon. If they did and it worked out, how would you feel. That would mean it was the actress and not the character. So I would be careful what you wish for trying to teach us a lesson for not liking Lori. It would be wrong to have Catherine on the team, she is in a relationship with Steve and those never work out. Catherine will probably still be in the Navy doing her thing, being McG's girlfriend, and helping out the team with her connections. That keeps the show hooked with the military, which is still a part of what the show is about.


Love it, she's a little bit of the «McGarrett girl » version !
And not to bad for the eyes...


She will either be Kono's new partner or back in the office as the intel operator as a 5th member,trust me! On the note of none of the Core Four leaving you guys need to be prepared,get in reality allow for the fact that it can happen I had to get in the reality that Lori was leaving!


I know that DDK and Grace Park signed four-year contracts and Alex and Scott seven-year contracts so I don't see anything happens with or core 4 the best they can do is using Catherine the same as they do with Max and that she remans working at the Navy I still don't want another team member. I have faith in Peter he will come up with some good stuff and that Catherine not only will be used to play with Steve between the sheets. What I found weird was yesterday's Daniel Dae Kim tweet this one! {Congrats @michelleborth. Looking forward to seeing more of you! #H50} Why not looking forward working with you!!


@G - I'm 100% sure she ads value to the show. I've seen her an I know what she's capable of. Lori was a terrible mistake, Jenna and her story was weak.


I only hope that when Catherine is on the show she adds value. Lori added little to nothing and Jenna had that story of working for Wofat. I don't want Catherine as just "The girl who gets into Steve's cargos everynight."

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