Michelle Borth Promoted to Series Regular on Hawaii Five-0

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Things are about to get even hotter in Hawaii.

Michelle Borth, who has recurred on Hawaii Five-0 as Lt. Catherine Rollings over the last two seasons, has been promoted to series regular, Deadline confirms. It's unknown at this time exactly what prompts the character to stick around, or what her status will be with love interest Steve McGarrett, but the promotion kicks in this fall.

Michelle Borth on Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 is on a break and will return with a new, serial-killer based episode on April 9.


I'm pretty sure that both DDK and Grace Park signed four-year contracts, so I doubt they're going anywhere.


I agree with Cardoza Catherine doesn't belong.5-0=Core 4 and Max


It's great news that Michelle is returning to H50. Like Max's character, she'll probably be a "regular" but not a weekly regular. There's great chemistry between her and Alex, but just as important, she has chemistry with the other team members. She's been on before and has proven that she fits well with the team (unlike the Lori debacle; even Jenna had a better track record than Lori). No team members are leaving and she's not being added as a 5th team member. Being military herself,she'll be perfect to help Steve with (getting his shirt off hah did I say that :-)) not only work but keeping him grounded and making him happy. I think it's a win-win all around.


Jesse.......If no girls in the world then there are no boys. I love that Catherine is coming on as a regular. No one has said that she is joining the team. Her character is already established, and as Zia said, she has a job, she is in the Navy. Helping the team is going to happen, but not joining. I don't think that TPTB are going to put a 5th member on the team so soon after the Lori debacle, male or female. Steve and Catherine are great together, the two actors have great chemistry. Also people need to relax. None of the core 4 are going anywhere. Lets not spend the summer in a panic.


I am not trying to stir up trouble here but I do think it's on of the 2 options that I have realized One she is replacing a Core Four member or she is being added as a 5th! Michelle Borth comes from 2 major roles on the LWord,and Combat Hospital and won't come on as a 5-10 minute also run,she is much bigger than Lauren German was! You guys when the poll was given voted for the smaller characters just because it would be less painful,most shows only last 4-6 years and major changes happen there-in.You guys prepared me for the harsh reality that Lori was leaving,so I am trying to do the same with the reality that one of the Core Four members is gone.It is much possible,I can go through a list of shows where a major role had left before the shows conclusion. I am not trying to be mean but honest!


ANOTHER girl on H50?
You think that the show producers would have learned by now given the past with Jenna and Lori that adding another member is a dead-end street.


@Mrs alex o'loughlin - Better her than someone else :)


@Zia - I don't think Catherine is going to be H50 team member either. My guess is she is going to help Steve track down bad guys using military satellite equipment as she did before, plus we are going to see some (hot) dates etc. Maybe she's going to help him with the Shelburn case, who knows.

Sarah silva

I like Michelle Borth but now having to see her kiss Alex all the time I will be super jealous...LOL


Agree 100% with everything Zia just said ;o)

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