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I've never been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. I think it's something about a world where the rules make no sense that I don't like. It feels like being the one sane person in an asylum. Eventually it will drive you mad.

So after last week's "Heart of Darkness," I didn't expect to enjoy "Hat Trick" as much as I did. Jefferson's plight absolutely broke my heart. In the fairy tale world, I knew the Evil Queen was eventually going to do him wrong, I just didn't imagine that she'd do it with such fervor.

Sebastian Stan on Once Upon a Time

When I saw the Evil Queen as the ugly old merchant, I wondered if that's what she looked like when she fed Snow White the apple and if that's what she'll eventually be. You know how your mother told you if you made that face too long it would stay that way? Perhaps that's Regina's future.

As soon as I heard that once the hat let two people into Wonderland it would only let two people out, I knew Jefferson was stuck. What I didn't expect was that the Evil Queen would be so unapologetic about it. She basically told Jefferson his daughter being orphaned was all his own fault. She was just downright... evil.

Back in Storybrooke, the big surprise was that Jefferson knew about the curse. He knew about the fairy tale world and that Emma was the key to the curse. Was it because he was half insane? Will the group that believes grow larger?

As Jefferson argued with Emma he made some good points. We live in a world where everyone yearns for an almost magical solution but no one is willing to believe in magic. That's certainly a conundrum and it's part of the reason we all love Once Upon a Time. As much as the real world tells us otherwise, there's a part of us all that wants to believe in magic.

And as much as I loved Emma getting back to her roots and kicking a little ass as she battled Jefferson, my favorite moment was Mary Margaret punting him through the window. Looks like she's retained a little more of our spunky Snow White than I expected.

In one of the great Once Upon a Time quotes, even Emma noticed:

By the way, have you been taking kick boxing and not telling me about it? | permalink

Even if Emma wasn't ready to admit that there might be something to this story about the curse, she was accepting that there's a connection between her and Mary Margaret. She even referred to her as family. For someone who has never had any, that was a big deal.

That Regina obviously expected Mary Margaret to be gone wasn't a surprise, but the fact that Mr. Gold was in on it was. Why is he working with Regina and what's in this for him?

So, is Mr. Gold playing both sides or is he really out to see Mary Margaret head to prison? Is Emma starting to believe in magic? And if other characters begin to remember both worlds, could it actually drive them mad?


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The Queen of Hearts/Red Queen is most likely Cora, given the context of "We are Both".


why don't Emma and Snow get DNA tests done? That would show that they are related! What a dust-up that would cause!!!


When the queen first made it clear she wanted to go to wonderland I wondered if this wonderland could somehow be the real world. Alice in the book lives in the real world and enters wonderland. Somehow it would've been interesting to find out that "wonderland" is actually fairytale land...
It also made me wonder if the other doors in the hat lead somewhere as well and if the show is going to explore this tale any further.


@stBob - Yes, and Grace was a reference to Grace Slick, who wrote "White Rabbit." Face it. Only those older than the mid-40's would know about Jefferson Airplane and the significance of the song.


I am disappointed no one appreciated my observation that Jefferson was named after Jefferson Airplane - the 60s band who sang "White Rabbit". You know the writers drown a baby unicorn if you don't appreciate their work.


I'm wondering if Regina(E.Queen) and Snow White's relationship is that of Red Rose and Snow White...............at the end of that fairy tale their mother decides that Snow White gets to marry the Prince and Red Rose gets to marry the 'brother' whom she/they never had met.....Regina could be in love with one guy and their mother decides that it is Snow that gets to marry him..........any other thoughts out there?


I can't wait until next week. It says that Regina has to make a decision. I'm thinking maybe Snow White may have done something to Regina's horse and it had to put down or maybe she was set up. Or maybe Regina felt like Snow White took her mother's love from her. Apparently, by looking at the trailer Regina and Snow were friends at some point. Regina is always saying Snow took something from her. What do ya'll think?


that was a great episode .i really felt sorry for the hatter !.
But the best part for me gotta be when emma was sitting with henry and started looking at the book with some belief and shock and then asking to keep the book .Also i was surprised that regina made a deal with mr gold !.i wander what the deal is.I really thought mr gold was gonna help emma and mary margret out of hate to the queen !


I really loved this episode along with "Skin Deep". Rumple/ Mr.Gold is by far my favorite character on this show. I can't wait till he finds out that Belle has been alive this whole time. I hope either Mr. Gold or Emma finds out about Belle. If Emma find Belle,she won't owe Mr. Gold any favors. I think Regina might have something to do with Katherine's disappearance. Regina collects hearts, and we found that out in the episode where Graham dies. :( Maybe she took Katherine's heart and had power over her, being why they are friends in Storybrooke.


Loved this episode! My favorite line was also the kickboxing question from Emma. And I loved the way MM answered, "I don't know where that came from".

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You know what the issue is with this world, everyone wants a magical solutions for their problems and everyone refuses to believe in magic.


So now you're foraging for fungus.

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