Once Upon a Time Review: Going Mad

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I've never been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. I think it's something about a world where the rules make no sense that I don't like. It feels like being the one sane person in an asylum. Eventually it will drive you mad.

So after last week's "Heart of Darkness," I didn't expect to enjoy "Hat Trick" as much as I did. Jefferson's plight absolutely broke my heart. In the fairy tale world, I knew the Evil Queen was eventually going to do him wrong, I just didn't imagine that she'd do it with such fervor.

Sebastian Stan on Once Upon a Time

When I saw the Evil Queen as the ugly old merchant, I wondered if that's what she looked like when she fed Snow White the apple and if that's what she'll eventually be. You know how your mother told you if you made that face too long it would stay that way? Perhaps that's Regina's future.

As soon as I heard that once the hat let two people into Wonderland it would only let two people out, I knew Jefferson was stuck. What I didn't expect was that the Evil Queen would be so unapologetic about it. She basically told Jefferson his daughter being orphaned was all his own fault. She was just downright... evil.

Back in Storybrooke, the big surprise was that Jefferson knew about the curse. He knew about the fairy tale world and that Emma was the key to the curse. Was it because he was half insane? Will the group that believes grow larger?

As Jefferson argued with Emma he made some good points. We live in a world where everyone yearns for an almost magical solution but no one is willing to believe in magic. That's certainly a conundrum and it's part of the reason we all love Once Upon a Time. As much as the real world tells us otherwise, there's a part of us all that wants to believe in magic.

And as much as I loved Emma getting back to her roots and kicking a little ass as she battled Jefferson, my favorite moment was Mary Margaret punting him through the window. Looks like she's retained a little more of our spunky Snow White than I expected.

In one of the great Once Upon a Time quotes, even Emma noticed:

By the way, have you been taking kick boxing and not telling me about it? | permalink

Even if Emma wasn't ready to admit that there might be something to this story about the curse, she was accepting that there's a connection between her and Mary Margaret. She even referred to her as family. For someone who has never had any, that was a big deal.

That Regina obviously expected Mary Margaret to be gone wasn't a surprise, but the fact that Mr. Gold was in on it was. Why is he working with Regina and what's in this for him?

So, is Mr. Gold playing both sides or is he really out to see Mary Margaret head to prison? Is Emma starting to believe in magic? And if other characters begin to remember both worlds, could it actually drive them mad?


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Kitanishi h mcdonald

Oh, and did anyone catch that storybrook's Henry has the same name as Regina's father? Hummmm!!!
We knew that since second episode - Regina named him that in honor of her own father she felt guilty of killing.


this episode the "hat trick" was fantastic i loved it. i feel soooooo sorry for jefferson AKA: the "mad hatter". in the tv show once upon a time there was a good sneaky character i like him ! i hope to see more of this character. maybe the "mad hatter or emma will soon break the curse & everyone will be back to normal & the evil witch regina will lose her magical powers !.


Is it too early to want JEMMA???
I Loved Sebastian in this episode. Jefferson and Emma have so many things in common. Unfortunately I think he went back for through the hat :(


Loved this episode!! I firmly believe that Emma got the hat to work and Jefferson fell through to the room of doors. He made some awesome points about everyone wanting magical solutions but don't believe in it. Heartbreaking storyline for Jefferson. Hope we get to see more of him even if he did go through the hat. Was so caught off guard by Mr Gold being in on Mary Margaret's escape. I don't really think he's on Regina's side. I think he is playing along to placate her until Emma breaks the spell. After all. I think he blames Regina for everything that happened with Belle, and she is the one that told him Belle died (but we all know she is in the basement in the Storybrook hospital). Next week's episode should give us some insight into the root of Regina's revenge. Have too many theories on that but my primary one is that Regina's "love" was a solidier or knight and sacraficed his life to save Snow White in some way. Whatever the reason for Regina's revenge, which is getting crueler by the episode, I'll be happy to have some answers as to why Regina felt this spell was the best way enact that revenge.


Oh, and did anyone catch that storybrook's Henry has the same name as Regina's father? Hummmm!!!


I just love this show!!!!


I lovecthe conversation about the believing a story book fairy tale. "Where did you learn about the civil war? In a book? What makes that story more believable than my story?" Some deep stuff in this show. I'm loving it!!


Loved the episode! Hope to see more of Jefferson soon. He was a great character. Mr. Gold is definitely the best villain on this show.


This was a great episode that explored the science/mythology of the show. There is so much to say bout the episode though. This was the cruelest of reginas curses. Hatter helped her so he can be rich for his daughter yet here he is wealthy on earth but without his child who he can forever see but never be near. Its almost dante like in its cruelty. This does answer a question I always had, why is living in an ideal community like storybrook a curse. you can live in paradise but be miserable without love just like hatter or david. It seems the more knowledge one has of the other realm one has the worse off they are. I love the sci fi multiverse angle. Could humans like the brothers grimm have visited the other realm. Is that who the mysterious stranger is? One question though, how did hatter get to earth. Did he escape wonderland or was wonderland brought to earth too? The queen of hearts could be reginas mother that would explain how she got her father. I think gold helped mm escape so emma would meet the hatter and start to believe in magic. Finally I loved seeing regina strut her power. Only ouat would retell wonderland with the evil queen as the alice character.


Jefferson=Jefferson Airplane="White Rabbit". Geddit? Pity they didn't play the song when they showed him at end...

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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

You know what the issue is with this world, everyone wants a magical solutions for their problems and everyone refuses to believe in magic.


So now you're foraging for fungus.

The Evil Queen