One Tree Hill Review: Planes, Maimed and What She Must Feel

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"A Rush of Blood to the Head," while not perfect, and certainly not at the pace seemingly necessary with only five episodes remaining in the series, was filled with a number of epic moments that pushed One Tree Hill forward on a number of levels.

Clay's revelation, Chase's decision and everything that happened with Haley were some of the most entertaining and emotional moments of the season so far. These characters took some big steps - either backward or forward - and they really have me looking forward to the home stretch.

Haley, Searching

Let's begin with Mr. Evans, who I have been extremely critical of as a character in these reviews over the past two seasons. His monumental revelation coincided perfectly with the monumental fact that I really enjoyed his story this week. What? I enjoyed Clay?

Yup. For the first time since Robert Buckley joined the cast, the writers were able to write a story for him that got the audience involved emotionally. Maybe it was because Logan was so darn cute, or maybe it was because it was a deep-seeded trouble that began before we even met the character, but I felt for him when he found out that Logan was his kid.

Even though some TV Fanatics mentioned that they saw this coming, and I noted a couple weeks ago that I was "wondering if some of our readers [were] right about Logan actually being Clay's kid," it still felt like a huge moment. I felt so happy when Clay got over that hurdle, and then immediately felt so bad when he couldn't accept the responsibility.

I'm sure that he will man up and be the best dad in the world to Logan, but for the time being, he is acting terribly. However that works out, it's a blessing that they were able to make Clay's story interesting for once, even if it did take a million boring sessions with the shrink to get there.

Chase's decision to beat the snot out of Chuck's dad was just as astonishing as Clay realizing Logan was his son. I mean, a tire iron, really? While I am glad that the douche got what was coming to him, I'm angry at Chase for making such a poor decision.

If it was in the heat of the moment that would have been one thing, but the dude actually sat down and thought about the consequences before heading over to Chuck's house. He figured out what punishment he would receive, went over there, heard fighting and beat the tar out of the guy with a tire iron. Dumb. Now Chase is going away and Chuck's dad is probably still going to be around... unless Chase messed him up real good.

The best moment for Chase was the encounter before, when he told Mr. Scolnik what was up. He was an absolute stud when he threatened the abusive father. Well, he was kind of a stud when beating him down, but not in the same way. I don't condone violence... except on TV.

Then there was Haley, who wanted that phone to ring so badly. We all knew this was coming. She was going to have to identify a body under a sheet, but we all knew it wasn't Nathan. Again, just because we knew what was coming, it doesn't mean that things didn't get emotional.

Bethany Joy Galeotti killed it once again as Haley remembered her moment with Nathan. That whole thing was so well done, as the audio was silent except for Galeotti's voice over, and then Haley broke out into tears when she realized it wasn't Nathan. It was powerful stuff. 

Haley began to lose, as she should! She was completely right when she claimed nobody is making this a priority, and it's not just the cops! It's Deb, it's Brooke, it's basically everybody other than Haley and Dan. Nathan's been missing for how long, and his mom just shows up now? Get out of here Deb. You're too late.

Thankfully, by the end of "A Rush of Blood to the Head," the two that care the most about finding Nathan Scott joined forces. Haley going to Dan's trailer and simply saying, "tell me what you know" made me extremely excited for the upcoming episodes.

Do you know what didn't get me excited, though? Like at all? Brooke's current arc. This stuff with her attacker not only feels too familiar, but it also feels forced. That's not a combination that is easy to come by, and it's ruining the final season for Brooke.  

While we are speaking negatively, I could have done without the whole Skills/Miss Lauren/David triangle plot. Do we really care about that? That time couldn't have given to more Lucas material? Oh, and David has been dating Miss Lauren, but has not been seen in Tree Hill until just now? That doesn't make much sense, right?

I am skipping on the relationship rankings until these couples give me something to talk about again. Everyone is really off doing their own thing for the most part, so for now we just have to start looking forward to the final five episodes of One Tree Hill.

What did you all think of "A Rush of Blood to the Head?" Was it an improvement on last week's Lucas-heavy installment? Did you see Clay's revelation coming? What did you think of Chase's decision to take out Chuck's dad? Check out all the best quips in our One Tree Hill quotes section, and then sound off in the comments!  


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OMG Hailey - just amazing in this episode. I absolutely loved her acting. I really needed to shed a tear when Clay found out about Logan, that was just so emotional! Logan is just the cutest kid EVER! Chase, i absolutely support his decision. It may have been stupid and yes, it could ruin his future, but Chuck was like his little brohter/his own child and he loves the kid. I do understand why he did what he did. When it comes to Brooke, i dont know yet if i like the storyline or not. It is all too much at once i guess. But i did love the Dan/Deb Moment! And the ending of course was brilliant, i cant wait to see what Hailey and Dan are going to come up with.


CLAY. This was such an OMFG moment for me, even if I already expected that Logan was his child. But the way they made it was just.. so intensive. I expected he didn’t knew he had a son. But him DENYING to have a son, I was shocked. I love such moments in series. The past coming back to haunt us. With a twist!
BTW, Logan is the absolute cutest kid ever. Oh my Chase. I knew he would beat him up, but he absolutely freaked out. That was such a moment! When he got into the police car and I saw his face, tears came to my eyes. Chase has always been the Softie, the nice guy.
I’m on his side, I really hope he did not destroy his future with that, but if I was a guy, I would have done the same. Avoiding my kid forever and then coming back as a drunk ass to abuse him? Chucks father should burn in hell. Chase is clearly my hero of last nights ep.


OMG! I’m speechless too!
Brooke/X may be a little forced but I don’t care. It’s OTHs last season, so bringing back all the villains? Great! The Tree Hill Tragedies will be over forever, soon. So that’s why I’m also totally with the Brooke story. When Julian saw him standing outside, my heart almost dropped. As so many people aready said: Bethany killed it. She was great last night, I was shivering and almost praying ‘don’t let it be Nathan� (even if I knew he wasn’t).. it was so great, also her breakdown at the police station, I loved that she finally lost control. So emotional. Her teaming up with Dan is also great, I love him this season.


Also, besides Haley/Dan looking for Nathan, Julian s also contributing and ofcurse Mouth is too. Moutch gave Dan the biggest vlue/inn by giving him the Europe/signing/criminal basketball, information. Dan said to Mouth 'yeah, ill look into it". But when Mouth left, Dan threw away his previous yellow pads and started to focus on the info Mouth gave him, coz he knew that Mouth was right.






i Believe everything you just said and i saw the chase thing coming and i also think that chase might of even killed chucks dad


I think Clay's reaction spot on, it's going to take much longer than 2 minutes to accept the fact that you have a son you didn't know (or remember) for about 6 years! I'm glad he's finally remembered, and I love the way it was done - of course, except for some of the shrink sessions :P Haley - nothing can be said but BRAVO to Bethany Joy for yet another brilliant performance, she truly delivers! I for one liked Deb being around, I think it was nice to see an old face again, particularly as we're coming to the end. I also loved that she got a scene with Dan, despite everything in the past. As for David/Miss Lauren, I was a bit surprised and bemused, but meh, guess it's just there to wrap up Miss Lauren's character, even though she's not exactly a main part of the show. Chase is a silly boy, but will be interesting to see what happens next!


I'm speechless!!! That was an amazing episode!! Haley was incredible - they're getting it spot on with her - her voice-over about the moment, her reactions - everything!! Chase - omg! I knew after seeing Chucks bruises last week that a fight with the dad would get him in the police car but THAT??? And i think he could have actually killed him too...... Clay - OMGGGGG! Despite people saying LOgan could be his son, I didn't think they would twist it that way but it works and its so good - plus its better that this is something that happened between he came to Tree Hill - makes it more interesting i think!! And Lucas ep last week was perfect - you can't have him coming in making a spectacle, like identifying a body, and then just leaving again. Haley needed him and he came to help and it was more real that way!!
CAN@T WAIT for final 5 eps - they're going to be AMAZING!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!


I loved this episode. Of course some weird stuff that is hard to believe (like can u really forget that u have a kid and live for such a long time without anyone or anything reminding u?) or the Brooke story line (we already have one kidnapping, maybe no need for crazy stalker right now) it was an overall really great episode. Haley is just amazing, this is some bad ass acting!! Logan is amazingly cute, I m sure that Clay will take his responsibilities and everyone will live happily ever after...everyone except Chase. I m actually pretty sure he has a murder on his arms, and if not, then it is really messed up. I don't think that Chuck or his mom would call the cops if it was some light beating up and from their looks I really think this is it for Chase. I might actually be the only one who is happy Lucas was there just for 5 seconds and didnt come back. Bringing him back for a lunch at the airport had only one consequence: remind me how much I hate the guy.

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