Smash Round Table: "The Cost of Art"

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Following a lackluster episode that resulted in the sort of ratings that threatened cancellation, Smash bounced back on Monday. The NBC drama upped the ante in the Ivy vs. Karen feud on "The Cost of Art" and showed viewers an especially sensitive side of Eileen.

Below, Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Carla Day relive the installment, debate their favorite performances and choose a Team. Read on and chime in...


What was your favorite number from the episode?
Matt: Karen actually taking over an singing on "Rumour Has It" was odd. Wasn't the whole point for her to learn back up? Still, I'll go with it because I was so mesmerized by the quick clapping while dancing. That was awesome.

Dan: As the biggest (only?) Jonas fan at TV Fanatic, my answer is "Haven't Met You" in a landslide.  I think Nick did a great job with that song, and was fantastic throughout his stint as TV star Lyle.

Carla: All three were entertaining. For full out fun, I have to go with "I Never Met a Wolf That Didn't Like to Howl." Ivy was Marilyn in that performance, plus it was a way to get characters who don't usually get to participate in a musical number involved. Debra Messing has a beautiful voice. I hope we get to hear her sing more.

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Was Ivy right to complain about Karen's performance or did she overreact?
Matt: Right according to whom? Whether certain fans are on board or not, Ivy is the star. If she's distracted by something or someone, then, yes, she should complain. For the good of the show, she has to be as confident and secure as possible.

Dan: I love Ivy, but she was overreacting with the best of them. "Oh I can't hear myself singing. Wah Wah Wah, I'm such a baby."  Quit your complaining and embrace the fact that you have the part. Her complaining is only going to lead to the inevitable rethinking of who should be Marilyn.

Carla: What a drama queen! She definitely overreacted, but Derek or Tom should have given her a heads up that Karen was asked to participate in the workshop. I'm not sure if it would have made a difference, but maybe just a little. If she keeps it up, it will hurt her chances of keeping the role.

Did Eileen's financial deal using the Degas as collateral for Lyle West's investment end her financial woes or did she just make a bigger mess?
Matt: I don't see Nick Jonas coming back (sorry, Dan), so I think this solved her temporary woes. But the deal was only for the cost of the workshop. As time goes on, costs will rise. Maybe she can get an alcohol company to sponsor her drink throwing.

Dan: Should I care about anything Eileen is doing? As I said in our Round Table after the premiere, she's my least favorite character... and still is. The only reason I need her to stick around is so that she can fund this play. Hold that thought: maybe if she can't, Smash could just do a different musical. I would be okay with that.

Carla: I hope that this is the end of the financial troubles for now. But her husband does technically still own the Degas. If he gets wind of what Eileen did and thinks about the ownership of the painting, he could create trouble for Eileen. I'd love to see Lyle West back at some point.

Will Ivy overcome her insecurities or will they be her downfall?
Matt: They'll be her downfall with Derek, but I think she keeps the role.

Dan: They will be her downfall at first, but she will overcome them in the end.

Carla: At this point, I think they will be her downfall. They will cause her to lose or potentially lose the role of Marilyn. In the end, she will work it out, though. I wouldn't be surprised if Karen helps her gain her confidence.

The battle between Ivy and Karen is far from over. Team Ivy? Or, Team Karen?
Matt: Team Anything But More Time Spent on the Longing Looks Between Julia and Will. It's one thing to throw in the fact these two had an affair, but they're seemingly just picking right back up with it now?!? It's unseemly and way too soap opera-y for the kind of show I was hoping Smash would be. Oh, also Team Karen.

Dan: I'm still Team Ivy. Karen's new ensemble members were smart to make her over. She is the lamest of lame.

Carla: I've always been Team Karen. I'm a sucker for an underdog; plus, I think she has a beautiful voice and would bring something new and exciting to the role of Marilyn. Ivy is self-righteous, insecure and just mean.


Team Karen!!!!! Karen's vocal talent is amazing. Ivy is also so mean.


I think Karen will get the role in the end, because she is trying to make her dancing better, whilst ivy thinks that because she has the part and is sleeping with the director the spotlight is hers


I love Karen but Ivy IS Marilyn and I like her too, so I', def team Ivy! Karen will get her big break, but somewhere else!


I wasn't real keen on last weeks episode but this week they picked up the pace and I am hopeful they will keep it that way........

Uss biddle dlg 34

Show is watchable ....since Glee has gotten old and tired !!!!


My favorite number was definitely "I never met a wolf that didn't know how to howl", but I also loved Nick Jonas' rendition of the Michael Buble song.
Yes, Ivy has a right to complain, but she should tone it down a bit. There's just no easy way to complain about your backup singers without sounding like a diva. Anyway, I like Karen, but I also think that Ivy makes a terrific Marilyn, so I'm staying neutral!


"Following a lackluster episode that resulted in the sort of ratings that threatened cancellation, Smash bounced back on Monday." I'd say that's an over-the-top silly statement given the demo rating was the same as last week and the overall audience was just slightly higher. Glad you guys are enjoying the show, but remember it's a fictional drama. Don't take this Team Karen/Team Ivy rivalry too seriously.


i'm on team Lyle. Everybody else on this show is a complete disaster. the sad thing is, they probably won't try this type of show again after this gets canceled, because it is a very good idea that could possibly be very entertaining. change every actor and character and have them getting ready for West Side Story or something of that caliber and you got a hit


Team Karen! I'm not in the right business to tolerate anyone being a diva, so Ivy with her "I'm singing it now!" really rubbed me the wrong way. Even though Karen was whiny, only one of her peers in that room said a nice thing to her. That's so intimidating for someone who's just starting out, no matter what field you're in. I don't think Ivy was meant to fill the antagonist role in the series, because they keep showing her vulnerabilities, but I just can't get around to rooting for her.


Team Ivy of course! She's a perrrrrfect Marilyn!

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Smash Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Eileen: If that were a real Degas, what would you pay for it?
Julia: That? ... It is a real Degas.
Eileen: Yeah.

Sam: Ivy's doing the nasty with the Dark Lord, huh?
Dennis: That's what I said.
Karen: Who's the Dark Lord?
Sam: Sauron himself, Derek.

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