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Spotted in New York City’s Soho neighborhood this week ... Chair!

Those in the area got to see Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) and Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) filming a Gossip Girl scene on location. As Blair, Leighton dressed in a bright yellow trench coat and a floral print top.

Ed, as Chuck Bass, looked dashing as always in his typical grey suit and blue tie. The two were spotted filming a scene together, and while we know little about it, their facial expressions in the scene looked serious.

Follow this link to see many more photos from the set ...

Leight and Ed

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Seeing them sharing scenes is a relief.

Dair for ever

@X - too true! That apart, Leighton and Ed are so good looking! Penn and Chace too! Plus Penn has a certain something about him that makes him seem much more interesting/multi faceted than Ed or Chace...


There are no words to express how disappointed I am and no, I'm not a dair fan. I just wish for Chuck to have a proper, happy storyline without Blair involved. These pics really make me consider quitting this show. If Chuck had another likable love-interest, Dair wouldn't even bother me this much. But I'm not willing to put up with watching Chuck be miserable and lonely for the up-tenth time while Serena does some irrelevant bullshit. I want my characters to have proper storylines, damn it!


This show is such a joke now he "hangs out" with chuck again? DON'T GET ME WRONG I am a chair fan but please stop!!!


NO! The hair!!! I love Chuck with hair 8(


Blair looks pretty, but not healthy. I'm not one to judge someone for being to skinny, but they should really give her a sandwich.


They look like an old married couple with those outfits. Shame...


Yay, Ed and Leighton are shooting scenes together. That means we will have some CB scenes in the upcoming episodes, that's great!


Well, you can always tell a Chair scene by Blair's unhappy expression... seems like this one is no exception.


Yay Chair pictures!! I don't know what to think. Sometimes the teasers thrown at us mean nothing. I think that Dair would have been more believeable if Blair would have slowly fallen for Dan and not just change her mind from one mintute to the next (c'mon writers). My prediction is that Blair will realize she loves Chuck but it will be to late ( another insignifigant obstacle ) and the chase will continue all the way to the end.


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