The Finder Review: Hurricane Walter

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It's official: Even a hurricane can't stop The Finder.

Stranded at The Ends of the Earth, Walter and company managed to find the whereabouts of a missing high school girl this week, even as the "Eye of the Storm" took its toll on southern Florida. And it sure made for a rather interesting hour.

Walter and Isabel

I think my favorite part of this episode had to be the unconventional ways in which Walter and the team had to go about tracking down Melissa Welling. We all knew from the minute her face flashed on the screen as missing that Walter was going to be on the case.

Congrats to the writers for making the pursuit of Melissa at least mildly believable in the midst of a hurricane.

The human search engine idea was brilliant; it was like watching Google Maps, hearing them narrow down where the video they found of Melissa's confrontation with Renee was shot.

Even funnier was how much Willa tried to stay away, unsuccessfully, from the lure of the Internet, especially with her parole officer Christina breathing down her neck. She really is one of the most crabby people.

But it amazes me how much she and Willa have in common, which is something that Christina actually owned up to in this episode. Who knew she was once in the system?

I was really struck by the decision to make the main conflict centered around bullying. Makes you think about the pressure you might have felt in high school or that time you were bullied as a kid. It seems to be one of those social issues which we constantly hear about. It's really heartbreaking.

It was a fairly solid episode overall. Now, The Finder will be on hiatus until its April move to Friday, when 50 cent will guest star on the first episode back. I can only begin to imagine what shenanigans might ensue.

Do you think Willa and Christina will share an amicable relationship in the future? Do you believe a missing girl could be found in the middle of a hurricane?


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What about Walter's hilarious comment about social networking, "upchuck your status"?!! ROTFL!


The finder is a great show! I watch every episode on!


What the walter, walter?! Only 4 comments. It was a great episode. And no one wants spread around the love.... =/

Childish gambino

@Vicki how is the finder always finding what he's looking for different from the dozens of other cop procedural's/medical drama's out there where 99.99% (if not 100%) of the time they always catch/prosecute the bad guy or diagnose the disease.
wasnt my favorite episode.
For the most part I liked most of the other episodes BUT I just dont see this series having much longevity


The Finder. Castle. Nikita. My three favorite shows. And this episode was the best so far. Funny, intelligent... all the characters interacted well. I really liked the dynamic Timo added. He's got a sense of humor. What the walter, Walter? I might have to use that baha. The human internet was ingenius. And all Walter's little things he said... like about tweet-book and face-to-face. I absolutely love his persistence. And it moving to Fridays?! What time? It can't overlap Nikita! :( Gah. Choices. But if it did, I would actually probably watch The Finder over Nikita...


I think the worst thing about the finder is he will ALWAYS find what he is looking for (at least for now). It was a very entertaining ep but who didnt think that he would find the girl? I think this show has the potential to really find (pardon the pun) an incrediably solid show that would warrant many a season to come. I love this show but would love it even more if I couldn't predict the outcome


so glad you are finaly on board in finding The Finder amusing and quirky. All things that make this series well worth watching. I really enjoy all these characters (so glad they have tamped down Willa's penchant for felonies). Right now I love all things Friday, so welcome to my favorite night of the week. I know this series is on the bubble for renewal but I hope it gets another season as it is definitely finding it's stride and love the rapport between the characters.

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I'm sorry for whatever happened to you when you were a kid.

Willa[to Christina]

Hey gun girl, do yourself a favor and put in a request for her as your probation officer.