The Vampire Diaries Clip: TVD Meets THG!

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You heard the often-shirtless man: Let's kill some Originals, Damon Salvatore told his brother to close last week's "Break on Through."

But, let's face it, that's a difficult job, even when you have chunks of white oak in your hand. Hence, the need for reinforcement, as depicted in the following scene from Thursday's "The Murder of One."

With Bonnie recovering from the departure of her mother, the following sneak peek features Elena, Caroline and Matt, as they're called in for a "cryptic secret meeting" and then presented with weapons to get the job done.

Hmmm... a group of teenager in the woods? Arming themselves for an epic battle? Is this The Vampire Diaries or The Hunger Games? Watch now:

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I hope this is one of those "fake" plans Damon comes up with so that Elena feels involved yet in reality stays away from the action...cos really its odd that Stefan and Damon would be ok with giving Elena and Matt of all people those stakes...I think there is a catch somewhere in all of this.


The brothers aren't thinking here. They should have make cross bow arrows as well as stakes. Matt and Elena could use the cross bow so that they could shoot from long distances and not be dead in a milli second while trying to stake the originals. I thought they were all about protecting Elena, so why are they giving her stakes to go get herself hurt.

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