Thomas Lennon to Guest Star on New Girl Season Finale

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Might New Girl be getting a new roommate?

Thomas Lennon, best known as Officer Dangle from Reno 911, will guest star on the May 8 season finale of this Fox sitcom, TV Guide reports, as a possible replacement for Nick after he considers shacking up with ex-girlfriend Caroline (a returning Mary Elizabeth Ellis).

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On this week's new episode, meanwhile, Jess met a new love interest. What did you think of Dermont Mulroney's first appearance on New Girl?


Yes! I love Thomas Lennon. I had to read this a few times, but I think the writer means that Nick thinks he's moving out at the end, so they'll be looking a new roommates to replace him. But seriously, we all know he's not going back to Caroline.




WHAT NOOOO do not replace nick, wtf wtf, terrrible
Caroline s a bitch and nick is a great character wtf nooo


What?! No! Don't replace Nick! He's my fav of the guys...

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