Vampire Diaries Photo Gallery: A Tortured Soul

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How will Rebekah seek revenge against Damon? Which Original is returning? And why the heck is Elena in possession of a crossbow?

All these questions will seemingly be answered on Mach 29, when The Vampire Diaries airs "The Murder of One," an episode teased by The CW as centering around a new "project" that brings Damon and Stefan closer together... although, by the looks of a couple photos below, it's Stefan and Elena who will actually grow tighter in a few weeks.

Elsewhere, look for Rebekah to tie Damon up (not in THAT way!) and for Klaus to threaten someone close to Bonnie.

Sit back now and get a closer look at various scenes to come by clicking through the handful of pictures just released by the network. We can't wait!

Torture Interruped
Vengeful Rebekah
Chained Up Damon
TVD Love Triangle
Elena with a Crossbow
Finn in Thought
A Stake, Out
Scared Sage
Two Originals
Stefan's Soft Touch
Return of Stelena?
Petrified Elena
Tortured Damon

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Jess gannon

Wonder how Elena will feel about Rebekah tourturing Damon! Will she come tO his rescue like she did with Stefan?


The way I see it I think that Rebekah is pushing too far. I know that she feel hurt and used but to torture Damon is out of my expectation and more than I can bear (I feel like I want to torture her my self), come on we all know that beside the fact of Damon's gorgeosness Rebekah was intrested to torment Elena by being with her friend and the man that loved her and then she was trying to use him to locate one of the town’s oldest landmarks so she doesn't have to be so angry and revengeful, after all he used her own tactic.


i think elena is petrified because she learns damon is being tortured


This reminds me of Stefan's torture scene in season 1.Can't wait anymore.


This reminds me of Stefan's torture scene in season.Can't wait anymore.


THIS. I would love to that to Damon. Even in a heap of trouble he looks so good.

Uncle jackass

@Tania Rahman, Well said. I suppose it's like what Stefan is always taunting to others (especially to Damon) "Watch out Damon, you're humanity is showing.." Such is the case for all the originals, who all want to treated as Kings, but the reality is that their nature is to cling to some form of semblance of humanity. At least the worst attributes of humanity that is. Self-interest, vanity, power-hungry, and selfishness.


Its a bit of a mystery as to why the Originals continually allow themselves to be manipulated and hurt by vampires (of a diluted bloodline) and humans. As the first vampires in existence who are nearly indestructible, shouldn't they be above all of that; in this season, Klaus is betrayed by Stefan who deceived him about Elena's survival, Rebekah is hurt that Stefan loves Elena so they both torture Stefan and Elena, Klaus is continually upset that he has lost Stefan's 'friendship' when he never really had it in the first place and even Mr Moral Original himself takes 'revenge' on Elena even after he broke his own word to her to protect her family and friends to go after what he wanted. Its no wonder Elena's moral ground is getting shakier and shakier if she has to stoop to their level to win.

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