Who is Getting Married on True Blood?

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Listen closely, True Blood fans. Can you hear them? Wedding bells are on the way.

The latest E! News Spoiler Chat reports on season five nuptials with this very straightforward tease: There is going to be a wedding. And there is going to be karaoke at the dinner!

Sucking on Sookie

So, who might be taking their vows? We doubt it will be Sookie and either of her two main suitors. Take your best guess in the comments section below.

The other big news surrounding True Blood, of course, is more akin to a divorce: showrunner Alan Ball will step down at the conclusion of this drama's fifth season.


Since the series has so little to do with the books, I think it'll be someone off the wall---like maybe Sam.


Well in the books lots of people got married. Russell married the King of Kentucky at the summit which I totally missed.. Jason married Crystal... Calvin Norris proposed to Sookie..*the real Calvin Norris* .. Tara got married to JB du Rone... and as people said both Andy got married but so did Hoyt... Guess we will have to wait and see


Love this show can't wait for new season


Hey all you people that are spoiling the books!! At least put spoiler in front of your comments please and thank u


Arlene and Terry.. I don't think Jess and Hoyt will get together again.. Although it could be Jason and Jessica.. forgot about those two..


Well, in the book..hahahaha..Jason marries Crystal...but since it's not sticking real close to the books.....I still say Jason....or maybe Terry and Arlene...forgot about them....It sure wont be Bill


My guess is Jason and Jessica.You never know!LOL!


I have read something else about this. It said in the same episode we will meet the mother of the groom. So that knocks the Hoyt and Jess theory along with Sam and Luna, and anyone and Jason. I thought during the gap between the last two seasons that Arlene and Terry got married.


Hey! Why don't we just watch and find out? Hmmm don't want to ruin it for everybody.


I can't even make and educated guess on this one. it seems implausible for anyone on the show.

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