90210 Spoilers: Love Triangle Alert!

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In case the latest 90210 episode did not make it clear, Jessica Stroup beats around nary a bush in a new interview with E! News:

"There is definitely going to be a love triangle with Silver, Liam and Navid," the actress says in the most recent edition of Spoiler Chat, adding:

"There's going to be some drama. The boys may actually fight, which makes me really happy, but as far as Liam and Silver, it's one of those things you've seen maybe brewing for a while. They're both good friends and whatnot and finally it picks up at the end of the season and I kind of love where it's going."

90210 does not air a new episode until April 24. Get a look at what's to come in the following promo and then sound off: Are you excited for this triangle?

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I honestly really like Silver's character: she's funny,laid back and has her own style but I don't like the fact that she's making her way around the group. I'm not going to call her a slut because she isn't, but I don't think it's right for her to hook up with all of the guys in the group. I mean, wouldn't that be awkward? I hate how characters date and somehow just forget about it later, I also hate that even when someone hooks up with their friends' ex boyfriend. I mean, won't Annie be kinda pissed? I just think that they should get some more original story lines than love triangles (helloo, already been done) and making it through all the guys on the show. Can't they think of something better than that? It's boring and tedious. 90210 is getting so boring. I liked Annie and Liam, I really did, but I don't mind if they don't end up together. I just want something different. I think the writers really need to listen to what the audience wants because not all that many people are thrilled about this turn of events.


LIAM AND SILVER ARE STUPID! why cant this dumb show let annie and liam be together for once! something always happens before the next show and tears them apart. ridiculous


honestly...its a tv drama...and i get pretty bored of seeing the same characters reloop. they're both hot, kind of cute together, and both kind of badasses in their own way. they both are a little off the beated path, dont care too much what people think of them, and they are working in the same industry, so its actually plausibl.e i kind of actually like it! its something new, a little different. i honestly hated the navid and silver thing, they never really seemed like they had much in common...they just needed to get rid of silver and dixon/ navid and adriana, so i always felt like they just threw those two together for the sake of shaking the show up.


Annie - ethan, liam, mark, jasper, jason, caleb, ty
Naomi - ethan, liam, austin, jason, max, PJ
Silver - ethan, liam, dixon, navid, teddy, greg
Adriana - dixon, navid, austin, ty, teddy, javier, gia, and maybe austin
Jenn - liam, ethan, ryan( kelly's ex), olivier, PJ
Ivy - raj, diego, nick, dixon and oscar (also intrested in naomi) in 90210 sharing is caring!


This Silver/Liam thing is really starting to pissing me off!
I can't really understand why she always date ex-boyfriends from her best friends.. and where's this one guy she wanted to move to New York with? What happened to him? She felt up to move away for him and then she spoke never again about him, but she really seemed to "love" him. Uh, i really love Naomi, but I would feel better if she would date Austin. ^^ (And guys, sry if there are any grammatical mistakes, I'm not a native speaker =))


@Rana: Liam didn't cheat on Naomi with Annie! He broke up with her because he was in love with Annie. Silver is a back stabbing biatch and you know it. She lost Ade's friendship for a guy with who she didn't stay for a long time. I am looking forward to when Annie finds out. I can assure you, she won't have any friends left.She always has this higher than thou attitude with everyone and she goes and does sneaky stuff behind everyone's back. Juts like her sister in the original.Not that I remember she never apologozed to Iy for kissing Dixon when they were druk.He confessed but Silver never said anything, if it wasn't for him admitting to Ivy, trust me Silver would've shut her mouth!


i thought Naomi has changed after the cowboy-Holly thingy.. WTH with all those mud-fighting with Jen over a guy that they just met for a few days? and NOW she decided to marry him? really? I like Naomi in season 3, but now her storyline is just a waste of time.. Same goes to Liam and Silver. Can't they both be single for at least 3 episodes?


Ewwww! I hate the fact that Silver and Liam hooked up. Terrible, terrible and more terrible! I guess the writers are not creative enough to give Silver her own character. On the original 90210, Silver's sister Kelly did the same thing, slept with the "crew". End this lame coupling quick...thanks.


This show is awsome but this whole rotating swingers thing is kinda sick. The two newbies rocked on this show Raj, and Max. Raj/Ivy's story was awsome, gripping, and original. Maxs story was exactly the same and him and Naomi had really good chemistry together. My Recommendations for season close or next season start.
1) Liam and Silver need to find and take on Vanessa to get his money back. (from the original - Dillon and Valerie teamed up to take on the family that stole his money in Mexico)
2) Annie falls back into her prositution ring but her client ends up being an undercover cop.
3) Naomi goes through with her P.J wedding and cant get out when she finds out hes using her. Then tries to find Max (somehow)
4) Ivy travels to India, and finds Raj's estranged twin or gets caught up in a drug cartel operation to Baja, Mexico.
5) Adrianna gets an opportunity for a Vegas Show, but finds out its something more adult oriented. She faces the trials and tribulations of Vegas life or Vegas Mob.
6) The mob wants to take on Navid, introduce new villain. Navid starts to learn to take them on (Original Dillon was taking on the mob boss that took out his wife and father) story links to Adriannas mob story and they get back together.
7) Dixon - Music
8) Austin - auditions for Hanna Montana 2 - The Rise of Austin Montana


i still adore silver yes i liked her and navid more but liam is more than fine :D besides annie and liam did cheated on naomi before why is it diffrent now? , and if there's a slut in the group it's liam not silver he's the one who slept with every single girl on the show except ade and he will !! annie is no angel guys ! her storyline since season 3 is just terrible i hate her ! i feel bad for jessica stroup people are cursing her over a tv character :D god bliss u dear :D love silver :P


I'm very possessive when it comes to balls.


Liam, get over yourself... cuz I did.