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"Some Kind Of Hero" brought us three heros in one episode and the emotions that swirled around it all were almost overwhelming.

First Jamie saved the baby from the burning building.  Um, where were the parents?  No one ever answered that but I suppose it wasn't the point.  Jamie saved a life and the press was scrambling to cover it.

Frank should have been the proud papa and he was, but that was overshadowed by the police commissioner and protective father 

That Jamie's undercover operation could come back to bite him wasn't a new thought.  I'd be surprised if the mob family doesn't figure out who he is sooner or later.  He's the commissioner's son for goodness sake. 

This time they dodged a bullet thanks to Sgt. Renzulli.  How odd it must have been to take credit for a heroic act you never committed.  But by putting on this act he was actually saving his partner's life.

I liked the way this story rippled through the Reagan clan.  Danny told a shocked Erin who lamented that she couldn't lose another brother.  Frank was barely keeping his emotions in check.  Yes, he was proud but he was also terrified and it showed.

In a Blue Bloods quote, Frank even bemoaned that Jamie couldn't enjoy his moment...

Frank: Sorry for what? Saving a baby? Doing your job? | permalink
Danny on Blue Bloods

Danny had his hands full with other matters.  How do you say no to an 11 year old who asks you to take a second look at his Dad's suicide?  Danny not only told the kid he'd do it, he took the job seriously.

Thankfully he had some backup.  If it weren't for his father asking for the body to be re-examined and his sister pushing through a subpoena, he might have hit a dead end.

I loved how Jackie came in and helped calm things down after Danny had ruffled so many feathers.  As usual these two make a great team.  She even came in on their day off and had Danny's back when Erin questioned if the shoes were in plain sight.  Of course the audience never saw where those shoes were but it wouldn't have surprised me if they were sitting in the Inspector's closet.

Danny may not have saved a life, but taking an 11 year old seriously and giving him closure made Danny a hero in my book.

Although the Reagan Sunday dinner wasn't as much fun as they've been, it was touching to watch Erin toast her brothers.  I was sure they were all thinking of the ones who were at the table and the one who wasn't.  Leave it to Blue Bloods to never forget to honor family.


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~CORRECTION~: IS BLUE BLOODS ENDING ? ? ? I keep reading: "The FINAL two episodes". Does this mean the final two of the SEASON, ~OR~ the final two episodes forever?


IS BLUE BLOODS ENDING ? ? ? I keep reading: "The FINAL two episodes". Does this mean the final two of the SEASON, of the final two forever?


After tonight's episode they said the final 2 episodes are coming up. Does that mean final 2 of the season or series? Is it going off the air? I hope not!


This was a fantastic episode, combining many of the story and character elements that really make it wonderful storytelling.


I loved this episode. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for Sgt. Renzulli to accept this award, and not being able to tell his wife, that he was not the one who did it. I agree with the reviewer, that the Sgt. was a hero also, he was saving Jamie's life by covering for him, but he also did start to run in the building after it exploded to check on Jamie and the baby. Danny could not say no to an 11 y.o. who just lost his father, how many people could of. But, he actually investigated it and did not just look it over and say it was a suicide. The 11 y.o. should be counted as a hero also for having faith in his father. Great episode.


This episode was great! Felt sorry for Jaime, the PC will have more to cover up for him in the future! He is just as hard headed as Danny! I loved when Erin and Frank were talking and he said, I can't lose another son. I always like Frank, they need to give him some more romance, I like to watch his kids squirm....

Sarah silva

I love this show. This was my favorite episode so far. I like that Danny listened to the boy and decided to investigate the dads death and the kid was right that his dad did not kill himself. I knew that Danny would take the kid to the game but it still made my teary eyed. So did the end when Jaime reached into his pocket and saw the medal of honor his dad gave him. Very sweet. I liked that Erin cooked all of Jaime's fave foods. I also like that when Renzulli accepted the commendation,the way he worded it he was talking about Jaime. I also liked seeing them having a drink after.


sorry to pick on details but as a hockey fan, I have to correct wolfshades - it was a hockey game :-)


I agree with your review, right down the line, C. The icing on the cake: Danny making plans to take the kid to a baseball game. Such a great show.

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