Canadian Vampire Diaries Promo: Spoilers Ahead!

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Um, wow, Canadian promo people. What the f-ck? - Julie Plec on Twitter

Consider the above Tweet from The Vampire Diaries producer to be your spoiler warning, as CTV in Canada has released a new trailer for tomorrow night's "Heart of Darkness" and it reveals at least one major scene.

The sound and the quality in the following video aren't ideal, but you can make out enough and see enough to understand why Plec is less than pleased with all the preview gives away. So watch at your own risk, check out the The CW promo for more of a general tease and, as always, visit TV Fanatic soon after the installment airs for my full review.

It does look to be a doozy.

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David and sabrina 2014

The guy in the video looks really freaky but I think this part has to do with Stefan beating Alaric up. He really turned to the dark side now with that ring all over his face. He'll probably want to put things to a stop and make Stefan look like an idiot for the remaining episodes. XP


@ Veevy; Foot soldier of Esther? If he's going, I hope he gets nommed. No one has been nommed lately.


Why would Julie Plec draw attention to that promo by tweeting about it?

Allison berry barbieri

However, I am excited for this kiss, though I wish the Canadians had left it a surprise :-/ I can't see or understand most of the rest, though, so not much spoiling for me!

Allison berry barbieri

@Annie, good point :-) That is the premise of the show and I, for one, find the triangle to be fun! Pretty girl, two gorgeous broody guys. Yeah it's been done, but it's the CW, not PBS or HBO. The CW is beautiful people doing sexy, funny and/or dangerous things. That's why it's a blast to watch! Why do people get so upset and into to detail about what a character or characters must be thinking or what they might do? That confuses me. I get opinionated about the way the show is written or the direction a story is taken, especially a favorite show like TVD, but I am so baffled by the fact that some fans seem to think the characters have thoughts, motives, agendas or deeper ideas beyond what is written for the character. It is fun to analyze, sure, but the getting upset at characters themselves or making assumptions on how a character "really" feels is just odd. Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson make those decisions guys! However, I am excited for this kiss, though I wish the Canadians had left it a surprise :-/ I can't see or understand most of the rest, though, so not much spoiling for me!


@CL, im laughing, i thought he was shady looking too, looks like we're seeing a new character in MF, but we all know, he might get killed off sooner than later haha. Can't wait for the finale though, heard it's all fireworks!


In reply to Annie thank you for saying it......the story line is what it is .....girl ...triangle ...two brothers(hence triangle).....end of get over it and tune in on an other show if this is not your gig....... I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE CRITISIZE obviously you care enough to watch ........


Delena is so predictable and to me boring we all knew they were going to kiss seriously don't understand why the writers don't make advantage of Bonnie more.
Ive watched the ratings from the first season till now and they have dropped lower and lower every season.
Season 1 - 1.60 million viewers
Season 2 - 1.17 million viewers
Season 3 - TBA
This season has been the worst yet so predictable and boring thank god we have the original family in this season on the rest of it would have been like watching dry paint which it kind of is already.
in other words JP and KW get your act together quickly before the show falls down just like the OC :)


I don't really care about the stupid Delena kiss who cares? We all knew it was coming! I want to know who was the guy with the stake is he the person who is gonna be the next Evil to enter Mystic Falls! So I'm more interested in what happens next with everybuddy not just the triangle with SE & DE! We all knew Elena was gonna explore her feelings for Damon plus there is so much stuff that is more exciting that is going on with Jeremy, Bonnie, Tyler, Matt, Caroline and all The Originals and mostly Alaric to watch him go completely Insane! So really not thinking about SE & DE but I'm a STELENA Shippers and will be Forever! I do think she will be with Stefan in the end!


I AM SOOO HAPPY!! Finally Delena! Can't wait to see Damons face :D

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Damon: When people see good they expect good. And I don't wanna live up to anyone's expectations.

You're good Stefan again. You're in control. You might get the girl, but you lose the edge.


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