Canadian Vampire Diaries Promo: Spoilers Ahead!

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Um, wow, Canadian promo people. What the f-ck? - Julie Plec on Twitter

Consider the above Tweet from The Vampire Diaries producer to be your spoiler warning, as CTV in Canada has released a new trailer for tomorrow night's "Heart of Darkness" and it reveals at least one major scene.

The sound and the quality in the following video aren't ideal, but you can make out enough and see enough to understand why Plec is less than pleased with all the preview gives away. So watch at your own risk, check out the The CW promo for more of a general tease and, as always, visit TV Fanatic soon after the installment airs for my full review.

It does look to be a doozy.

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CRAP!! Now I really need to figure out a way to get out of my obligations so I can see this episode!


I just threw up...


Who's the shady guy holding the stake? (Did I just describe everyone on the show...?)


OMG a Delena kiss, yay. But it could be a dream. I don't think it's Katherine, I think it's Elena in the kiss scene. Anyways I'm excited for the episode!!!


Guys, it's been confirmed by an episode editor that it is NOT a dream. It's really happening and it's really Damon and Elena.
Also, to those asking for the triangle to be permanently resolved right now: the premise of the show is "a human girl torn between two vampire brothers", which sort of implies that it's going to be a big factor for the duration of the series. The triangle is technically the heart of the show. If you're sick of it, you probably need to either get over it or stop watching (preferably get over it, we need to keep the ratings up if we want to keep it on air).


ohhhh. my. GOD.
i do not scream when i watch anything.
i am not a screamer.
So i did not recognize the breathless, raspy, high pitched little girl SHRIEK that came out of my voice box when it haPPNEd. i cannot understand my pounding heart.
Matt Richenthal, Canadian promo ppl, julia plec, whatverness....


Might be Katherine? *cringe* Damon says, "Why now?" and looks exasperated like he always does when Katherine reveals herself. It would be like the writers to recycle and old concept. Hope not!


I cant wait to see more of Klaroline :)


Shut up bored now..
Get a life or a switch off the channel when this tv show will aired..Are you just want to make people angry..It`s your turn..Watch the stuff you really like..Well, sorry to dissapoint you but the buffy file is closed..
Stupid-- @relbelle..
i think it`s "Why not"..


I'm STOKED about the kiss... finally Elena is doing something daring and interesting...and finally damon isnt doing all the work. I think this kiss is very much like the fun daring elena from season one..unlike the bellalike one, we have seen lately... live a little. does anyone know what Damon says before she kisses him? driving me crazy

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You're good Stefan again. You're in control. You might get the girl, but you lose the edge.


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