CBS: Save Which Show?

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CBS is by far the most watched network on television. And it showed off this status last month when it announced a large scale renewal of numerous hit programs at once.

So there's not a lot for CBS to decide when it comes to the 2012-2013 schedule. Unlike the status of various shows on The CW or ABC, there aren't many unknowns in this case.

Mac and Danville
CSI Miami Cast

Still, millions of viewers are bound to be disappointed when the news breaks at next month's Upfronts. At least one of the following shows won't get picked up.

Will it be one of your favorites? Vote now for the series you most hopes does get a renewal:

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I don't care which one get cancel long as they keep the two CSI please.


Having now watched the (I think) season finale to CSI:NY, that had a curious winding up feel to it, as if they were expecting to be dropped.




Out of all of those, the only one I really care about is Unforgettable. A Gifted Man is good too, but as Aja Bird said, it’s not really a concept that lends itself to a long-term show anyway. I wish they’d give Unforgettable a new timeslot though, where it’s at now, I end up missing it more often than not. Luckily, a coworker at Dish told me about dishonline(dot)com a while back. It’s a free streaming site with an enormous selection of shows and movies. I ended up streaming Unforgettable on Dishonline (often during my lunch break). That worked out well though, since there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.


CSI. NY, I need my Eddie Cahill fix every week!!!!!!

Avatar Gary Sinise too much...


Of the shows above I watch the 2 CSI shows and Unforgettable.Unforgettable is a new show that has much more to tell and although not a big hit, it is much better than CSI Miami. The Horation Cane character has become a cartoon figure, facing criminals with his gun drawn while holding his famous glasses. So far I have seen it 3 times and its hilarious.Fortunately, CSI NY has Gary Sinise, who is an extraodinary actor. For this alone it should get at least one more season.


Keep CSI NY! I really love the show since Sela Ward's arrival.


Keep CSI NY and Unforgettable --- the police dramas have plots unlike the ridiculous reality shows which demean the public's intelligence.


I wouldn't mind all of them being cancelled and something new and engaging was introduced! :0)

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