ABC: Save Which Show?

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We're getting down to it across the dial: Upfront week (May 14-17), where the fates of numerous shows are announced by various networks.

We've already covered which CW programs are on the bubble. Now, it's time to pay attention and let your voice be heard, ABC viewers. Especially if one of your favorite series is on the following list.

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The network is in the middle of production on a number of promising pilots, from Marc Cherry's Desperate Housewives follow-up (Devious Maids) to Terry O'Quinn's return to primetime (666 Park Avenue) to another Shonda Rhimes drama (Gilded Lilys) that, ironically, may bump a current Shonda Rhimes drama from the lineup.

If picked up, which shows will these replace? Some in the poll below may be in more danger (The River, Pan Am) than others (Private Practice), but none has been renewed yet, meaning all are in danger.

Vote now for the series you most hope comes back for the 2012-2013 season:

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Save MISSING !!!! Save MISSING !!!! Save MISSING !!!! :D for long time all my family is waiting for the 2nd season :(


It´s not fair, Pan Am was started on mexican TV when in the USA was already cancelled, and nobody knew, so we could not vote to save the show, i demand another voting !! it is a fenomenal show, and it deserves more seasons!!


I want PAN AM back, it is a wonderful show!!


The River is excellent, unfortunately it was canceled, but fans around the world wait around. 2nd season NOW to The River! :)


Save MISSING !!!!


Thanks (:


I'm going up to Bendigo for the exhibition soon for a Girls Weekend Can't wait!Also, I've steyad at the same hotel for a work trip a couple of months ago not a bad one at all! Was one of the nicer bathrooms I've come across in recent times


Please Save Pan Am!!!! It might not be such a big hit in the USA, but you know, the world does not consist only of 1 country!!!!!!!! People all over the world lovee ittttt!! It is sooo close to us, to our history! The first show where not all the characters are Americans or Brits, there is no sex 80% of the time and the plot evolves not only around America (not that I have something against the country, I like it very much) But come on , if you think a little , you will see that it is true!!! This show is educational , EXTREMELY interesting , I absolutely adore the different palaces, the characters are amazing!!!! I have no Idea why the Americans don't like it, but here in Europe and in Asia and in South America (people all around the world love it). Just once don't be these rating freaks and give the show a chance !!!!!! If You really try , you will see that it will become a popular as friends :D:D !!!!!!!!


just wanted to cast my vote to bring back GCB....this show is fun to watch and deserves to be back for another try. Please give it another try !!!


I see I'am not alone in wanting Missing back....this is a great action show full of great acting and suspence. who makes these stupid choices to cancell good shows and keep the crap like the bachlor ( so tired of all these so called "young" shows) when you have a "huge" older audience you could grab if only you would "stay put" and give us all a chance to get into it. Why do so many stations keep moving shows all around so no one can find them...then they say oh look at this, it's not doing well...dun Please, please, please bring this fine show back

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Amelia: I drank at your wedding. I thought it was ginger ale. I spit it out.
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