Downton Abbey Season 3 Death: Who Will It Be?

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Downton Abbey will raise the stakes on season three, as producer Rebecca Eaton made it as clear as could be in a recent chat with The Orlando Sentinel:

"Somebody will be born, and somebody will die," Eaton told the newspaper, adding that death will befall "somebody pretty key in the cast.”

Downton Abbey Cast Photo

The other major piece of season three news, of course, concerns Shirley MacLaine coming on board as the mother of Lady Grantham. This character will arrive at a time when the family is in need of money.

“There are some wonderful scenes between [Maggie Smith] and Shirley MacLaine — Shirley MacLaine being as ditsy as ever,” previews Eaton. "Maggie barely restrain[ed] her sneer in having to deal with this American."

In closing Eaton promises a wedding between Matthew and Lady Mary, leading many to wonder if the aforementioned baby scoop is related. With Downton Abbey not returning to American television until January, we have plenty of time to ponder that possibility.

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Noooo! Not Sybil, take Edith!


I'm in the uk and have just watched episode 5 it is so sad Sybil had a girl then died just after childbirth it was awful. So emotional


I'm in the uk and have just watched episode 5 it is so sad Sybilhad a girl the died just after childbirth it was awful. So emotional


Just watched tonight's ep Sybil has a girl then she dies its really sad




I am worried it is going to be Matthew that dies!!!!


The birth will probably be Sybils baby. And then the death will most likely be Violets- because Season 3 is Maggie Smiths last season so they'll probably decide to kill her off as it would be the best way to let her go.


I know what happens :) my baby filmed for series 3!!


Julian Fellowes*...haha, Julian Smith.


I think that Lord Grantham will be the one to kick the bucket. After all, the show centers around his eventual death. So, why not show everyone what that will look like? How might Matthew react? Will he & Mary want to, even need to, marry soon after? If the money truly is gone, and Robert dies, then I think it would be quite dramatic for us to see how the Crawleys get on. Of course, Julian Smith has a wonderful ability to provide twists and turns in the show, but this is one thing that I don't think will be omitted.