Downton Abbey Season 3 Death: Who Will It Be?

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Downton Abbey will raise the stakes on season three, as producer Rebecca Eaton made it as clear as could be in a recent chat with The Orlando Sentinel:

"Somebody will be born, and somebody will die," Eaton told the newspaper, adding that death will befall "somebody pretty key in the cast.”

Downton Abbey Cast Photo

The other major piece of season three news, of course, concerns Shirley MacLaine coming on board as the mother of Lady Grantham. This character will arrive at a time when the family is in need of money.

“There are some wonderful scenes between [Maggie Smith] and Shirley MacLaine — Shirley MacLaine being as ditsy as ever,” previews Eaton. "Maggie barely restrain[ed] her sneer in having to deal with this American."

In closing Eaton promises a wedding between Matthew and Lady Mary, leading many to wonder if the aforementioned baby scoop is related. With Downton Abbey not returning to American television until January, we have plenty of time to ponder that possibility.

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    Not sure I remember Sybil being 14, as Lord Grantham made the comment in Season 1 about Cora not being pregnant for 18 years. Maybe I misheard.


    I am hoping that Sybil's baby will have been born by the beginning on season 3 and that the birth is mary and Matthews child!!! As for the death I agree Branson would be the most likely choice and therefore Sybil will return home were the three sister could get back to fighting among them at downton! I really hope that bates gets out of jail and Anna and him can leave downton and live happily ever after!


    News that Edith will marry guess is that PAtrick returns and he is indeed the heir PAtrick CRawley! Thus, Edith becomes the future mistress of Downton, starting another CRawley sisters fued.


    I AM SOO PUMPED FOR SEASON 3! Okay so we all know that the marriage is Lady Mary and Matthew... but it wouldn't be a good idea to kill either of them... The shows ratings would probably drop through the floor. So i think their safe. But if anybody it will be Sybil. Fellow's is sort of setting her up for disaster. If you put childbirth+1920's with no medicine together, it equals death! So I think will be saying farewell to Lady Sybil...


    cannot wait for series 3.
    I think that the baby is Sybil and Bransons, not sure about the death bu (apologies to all the Bates lovers out there) I hope its Bates, he really doesn't add much to the plot.


    It would be intriguing if Edith married Sir Richard Carlisle or Mr Pamuks twin brother.


    Originally I thought the character to die would be Isobel. What with Matthew and Mary wed and presumedly living at Downton, there would be little reason to keep her on. Plus with the arrival of Shirley Maclaine, Violet will have someone new to spar with. But now that Maggie Smith is definately leaving, it could be her instead. They won't have three older woman. It's DEFINITELY not Bates, as he's sighed for a fourth and fifth season. As for the baby, Sybil is pregnant, is she not? I believe that there will be two weddings; Matthew and Mary, of course, and Edith and Anthony Strallen (yuck!)


    I have a theory concerning the baby of the unwed mother, the former maid named 'Ethel'. The infant's true paternal grandfather wanted the child, but not the mother. And Ethel refused and chose to keep the child. But the true paternal grandmother felt sympathy for Ethel. I think the death will be the paternal grandfather. AND, I think that the widowed paternal grandmother will THEN invite Ethel and the baby to come into her home. We can't leave Ethel living 'like a drudge' and trying to raise that beautiful baby boy in a state of such hardship, can we? So that's my theory. I won't bet on it, of course, but I am open to being hired to help write twists in the plot. If I did bet, it would be that it is Carson who dies. And that is simply too sad a thought for anyone to bear, which is why it very well might happen.


    Everyone is missing an obvious one: the baby is Sybil & Branson's; thedeath is Sybil (in childbirth)...


    I'm with Mary's comment - I personally don't think it will be Branson. Yes, they do have the Irish Revolution, but Allen Leech was only promoted to the main case for series 3. My thoughts are that Branson is going to be wounded, but like Matthew in Series 2, he comes through it. I think the person to leave will be Maggie Smith. If I am right (a big 'If') then it'll be a big shame, since Violet is such a fantastic character, and her fabulous one-liners will be sorely missed. But, then again, it could be a completely different character, since the Dowager seems to be the one that everyone is guessing - that could have ben Julian Fellowes's intention, to get everyone thinking it was one character when it's really another....I really, really can't wait for Season 3 now! The baby just has to be Sybil & Bransons - in the Christmas Special it was announced that Sybil was pregnant. I like other people's theory of it being Anna's, but I don't think it's particularly likely (but who knows, it could be!) At least it's a definite that Mary and Matthew's wedding goes ahead (big fan of the two of them) Nothing like a delayed-for-far-too-long wedding to give Season 3 a kick-start!