Downton Abbey Season 3 Death: Who Will It Be?

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Downton Abbey will raise the stakes on season three, as producer Rebecca Eaton made it as clear as could be in a recent chat with The Orlando Sentinel:

"Somebody will be born, and somebody will die," Eaton told the newspaper, adding that death will befall "somebody pretty key in the cast.”

Downton Abbey Cast Photo

The other major piece of season three news, of course, concerns Shirley MacLaine coming on board as the mother of Lady Grantham. This character will arrive at a time when the family is in need of money.

“There are some wonderful scenes between [Maggie Smith] and Shirley MacLaine — Shirley MacLaine being as ditsy as ever,” previews Eaton. "Maggie barely restrain[ed] her sneer in having to deal with this American."

In closing Eaton promises a wedding between Matthew and Lady Mary, leading many to wonder if the aforementioned baby scoop is related. With Downton Abbey not returning to American television until January, we have plenty of time to ponder that possibility.


"In closing Eaton promises a wedding between Matthew and Lady Mary, leading many to wonder if the aforementioned baby scoop is related." Many? Who are these "many" stupid people?! We already know SYBIL is pregnant!
I agree with Phil "DUH"!! ... Or, maybe I speak to hastily. Downton has know to skip ahead rather quickly. Maybe Sybil's baby is already born at the opening of series 3? That leaves me to my next thought. How old is Lady Violet by now anyway? I thought for sure she was old as dirt at the start of series 1 (1911!) I thought Sybil was already 18 and Mary in her early 20's ... but I was wrong. Sybil's recent age reveal at end of series 2 puts her around 14 in 1911. (SO CONFUSING!) But Lady Violet is STILL OLD!! How much longer can she live??? It is very possible she dies ... or she should. I LOVE her (!!!) but how realistic will it be to keep her around another 20 years? Even 10 years is pushing it.


Marriage: Duh. We've already seen the spoiler pics of Mary/Matt wedding. Birth: Double Duh. Obviously Sybil's baby. Death: I go with Branson, probably thereby bringing Sybil and the baby back to Downton. Note the spoiler says a "pretty" major character. Also, the Branson actor said something to the effect that everything you'd want for your character and everything you would not want happens to him in series 3. Branson, we hardly knew ye. Deathwatch runner up is Sybil herself. Brings tearful drama and angst(who doesn't love sweet and lovely Lady Sybil?) and a fight over the Fenian grandchild. Plus we know Brown Findlay has not resigned for subsequent seasons and appears on her way to a possibly big movie career. Got rave reviews in the indie Albatross and recently snagged a major role in Winter's Tale. Deathwatch darkhorse is the Grande Dame, who also is not resigned. And is now probably pissed off to be dissed as difficult. But no way is she a "pretty" major character. She's major major.


I have a feeling that it will by Sybil's child but I also think that they may have Sybil die during child birth, leaving the child to be raised by Lord and Lady Grantham. Sybil was absent from the Christmas Special and by having her leave for Ireland, it's as if she's no longer there anyway. I think they would kill Sybil for effect without having to affect any of the more permanent household.


I am pretty sure the birth will be Sybill's and Branson's baby. I am very curious about the death though!

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