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I know this is Fringe and that anything can happen. And I thank Fox for giving a fifth season, 13 episode pickup to wrap up the Fringe legacy in the best way possible. But what happened in "Worlds Apart" doesn't make any of that knowledge in the least bit comforting.

There was a lot of back story, most of which dealt with the continuation of David Robert Jones and his hell bent desire to destroy the universes. Not that it really mattered: once they realized what a whack job he was and that he was using cortexiphan subjects to align with their alterverse counterparts to tune the worlds to the same frequency, it came down to only one plausible solution.

My stomach plummeted when Peter suggested closing the link between the worlds.

Peter Considers New Developments

There has never been any hiding of my deep affection for the alterverse. Proud and gutsy, we had Over There our same characters, but ones who had fought through all of the hardships that come with a dying world. Those experiences brought out the street fighters in them. Spunk and dark senses of humor even in the worst of times, the agents Over There were a tightly bound team who had each others backs.

Of course, they had a whole division, something our side was lacking. That made over there even more exciting. The changed landscape, the standing Twin Towers, a red-haired fiery willed Olivia Dunham and a mean ass Walternate brought light to Fringe just by virtue of being there.

As seasons progressed and the warring between universes stopped - thanks to Peter's sacrifice - we got to see some amazing work from incredibly talented actors as they played multiples of themselves in the same scenes. Some of the best episodes have been when the teams worked together to bring down the bad guy, and "Worlds Apart" was no different. Well, that's not entirely true.

The scene I've been waiting for, with Walter and Walternate face to face, or in this instance, sitting side by side on the floor, far surpassed what I dreamed it could be.

Everyone got the chance to work with their alternate, however briefly, for it may be the last time they ever meet.

When they still thought they had a fighting chance to stop Jones, there was a lovely scene of Fauxlivia thanking Olivia for trying to save the bridge between the worlds and of how much it meant to her for their world to heal. The scene was different than the one they shared earlier this season because Olivia remembered a different Fauxlivia with her original memories, one who hurt her far more than this one ever did. Her response was more strained and it hurt to watch. But their parting words were of mutual admiration, and after everything they've been through, what more could you ask?

There was no doubt Lincoln would stay in his new found home, with his own Olivia. It only seemed fair, since Peter was from that world, that they did a solid trade. The little wave of Alt-Astrid's hand as she said goodbye to Astrid was heartbreaking.

John Noble, sitting beside himself as the Walters; that was something to see. It only took four years to get there, and it came at a time when it may never happen again. As Walter and Walternate bonded as fathers, scientists and leaders, discussing Marcus Aurelius and their hopes to continue helping others, I lost it. Walter lost it, too. He was concerned that turning off the machine may take Peter away, and Walternate felt for him. Walternate knew that his fate with Peter was sealed for certain if the machine was turned off. Yet his concern was for Walter. Brilliantly written.

There were so many other things that came to mind to write about while watching, but none of them really mattered in the end. It just came down to what Walter said in one of his many brilliant Fringe quotes, "I think I shall miss them, more than I imagined."


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(Fleshed out from another post)I hated to see the bridge close, as well. I like the other side, its characters, and their interaction with ours. Best thing about the show, really. Seems like this was done just to make the Observer invasion possible. Apparently they only subjugate OUR universe. Jones inadvertently assisting them. They probably already knew Jones will be defeated, but needed for the machine to be shut off. Something only Peter could do. Their invasion may not have fared so well with help from the altuniverse's advanced tech, larger Fringe Div., and more militarized society. After the disastrous 'reboot' that took half a season to set straight, the wiping out of past episodes, breaking up Peter and Olivia, framing S5 with the dour, depressing Observer subjugation, now cutting off both universes, and the "bittersweet" series finale, which likely means the death of some favorite characters.... I'm kind of ready to see this series end. Sooner rather than later. Lots of wrong choices of late IMHO that I feel snub what's left of loyal viewers. The episodes 3 weeks ago and just before were really hitting on all cylinders. Almost as good as any all series. Now again, they take major unnecessary detours away from what works best. Even if both universes unite again to defeat the Observers, we're at best back to where we were. Having lost precious time when more appreciated story and character interaction between universes could have developed. Hope I'm wrong, but why take the story so far off track, away from what viewers care about, with so little narrative remaining? Because they can, simply isn't good enough.


low cost episode.


@WatchesTooMuch: 2. Who knows how the machine works? I initially thought that Peter would once again have to go into the machine and destroy the bridge as he was the one who created it. But I think that Walter said that he and Peter had developed a bio-mechanical interface to the machine so that they could operate it without Peter having to go inside it. And then they maybe overloaded the machine with power to shut it down.
3. Even the cleverest of people make mistakes. Its hard to think of every possible outcome even for the best of the best. Walter didn't think that his crossing over would basically destroy the other universe, and he is like the most intelligent person in the world.
4. I don't think that Jones is doing all this just because he has a God complex. Sure it is a part of this but I am sure that there is a bigger picture, we just have to wait for that.


@WatchesTooMuch: I will try to answer some of your questions but they may differ from your thoughts.
1. If you remember from the previous seasons, the other tested kids were not as strong as Olivia and were unable to control their powers. Here we learn that Jones had helped them in gaining more control over their powers but even then their abilities are not as advanced as Olivia. The bridge connects the worlds, so maybe its existence made easier for them to link with their counterparts. But now with the bridge closed, even with their control, they aren't powerful enough to link with the other world.


Despite being slow, this was a good Fringe episode solely because of the acting. It just amazes me every time that a Sci-Fi show has such developed characters. So happy that it has been renewed.


wow! I can only hope that it was a fluke that can be reversed. I will miss all of them and the brilliant acting that went with them playing two parts. super! Outstanding review as usual. Keep up the great work. I will miss the reviews as much as the show with all it's wonderful characters......Is summer over yet?????


This episode showed once more how much material John Noble gets, if only Anna Torv would get 5% of that. See Olivia and Fauxlivia truly interact and have chemistry, without the lines. Wonderful , subtle acting.
The lines they do get when talking to each other, horrible, Rainbows here, Peter lasttime. So why not about their childhood, their father. Does anyone know his name????
Olivia is only the lead , why bother writing for her. And the two Walters was just talking, half of the scene was the sentimental lines they had, nothing to do with acting at all. But who gets the praise? IMO Anna Torv has by far the best double act, with Jasika Nicole next, not impressed at all with Noble, especially because he wanted to be walternate to be a nice guy, to afraid to not be popular John?


I enjoyed the episode, but ... - Why do the cortexiphan kids need a bridge? Olivia can jump across without a bridge. I don't understand whey killing the bridge would make any difference. - They need to create an overload in order to push a button and shut down the bridge? Does that make any sense? An overload of what? - If Jones is always a step ahead, he would have predicted this outcome. Is this what he wanted, or was he just hoping Fringe would be too dumb to come up with this solution? - I will be very, very disappointed if Jones (and/or Bell and/or Rupert Murdoch, if they're in cahoots) is just a Mad Scientist (Boo!). Ideally, Jones is making a well-reasoned (but ruthless and inhumane) response to a serious threat that our friends don't yet understand. If he's just an evil dude with a God complex ... that looks dumb even in James Bond movies.


A Masterpiece, nothing less!


Wow they totally ruined fringe for me with that last episode. They gave me something new and exiting then took me back to the same crap again.

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Fringe Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Peter: Walter, could the connection between our two universes be what's facilitating this psychic link?
Walter: I suppose.
Peter: So what if we severed it?

Peter: You did great Walter.
Walter: He can't even stay in the same room as me.
Peter: He listened to you. They all did.