Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "Raiders of the Lost Art"

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Might Gossip Girl soon fans see an NJBC reunion of sorts?

The 22nd episode of Season Five will be called "Raiders of the Lost Art," according to the CW. This follows "Salon of the Dead" this coming Monday and "Despicable B" the following week.

The "Raiders of the Lost Art" synopsis reads as follows:

  • Chuck, Nate, Blair and Serena team up with Lola (Ella Rae peck) to uncover what they believe is an explosive secret between Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) and Jack (Desmond Harrington).
  • Meanwhile, Dan is offered a prestigious fellowship in Rome for the summer.
Nate the Journalist

Is this when we finally learn Diana's connection to the Basses? Does Dan heading off on his own spell trouble for his relationship with Blair? Are you excited to see the old gang together and scheming again?

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really hope you're right when i see dair kissing i feel like watching two siblings kissing. don't you have that weird feeling?
i hope chuck finds someone (blair, someone like eva... whoever) he deserves it and i also think he's the best character in the show (i laugh and cry with him) i will definetely watch this episode, i love NJBC. we'll have something more similar to gg at last...


I am a big fan of Serena and Dan. So should I defend Chuck and Blair, and you their fans were now switch to the other side. I do not understand why the audience does not love a great love story as it was between Serena and Dan, but more like a cliche - Serena and Nate (golden boy and golden girl). Dan and Blair should not be together! Serena and Dan should be together! Chuck and Blair should be together! Nate is a playboy, and he does not need a permanent girl! Once again, Chuck and Blair fans do not cancel your favorites, because in the six season will be the end of series! If Chuck and Blair are together, then Dan and Serena will be together!


@C H A I R
Thanks I think you just proved my point.


Ok, I have to say it: I think all 3 GG guys are handsome. I prefer Chuck, but I think the 3 of them are good looking. But Penn, for the love of God, please cut your hair, I just saw a pic of you with a ponytail and just, no.


@ RAVEN Ur a DAIR? HAHAHAHA. SO that also means Ur CHEAAAPPP! I mean look at Chuck and Blair both of them is classy and sophisticated and they live on UES, but Dan is Gross (he didnt even get a haircut) he doesnt have style and classs he's not good looking and lastly he doesnt belong in UES.


Back off all U DAIR fan's!!! Do you know why the show has low ratings?!!!! Beacuse of the stupid Dan and Blair loveteam!!!! Nobody likes that loveteam except U low class DAIR fans! Dair fans are CHEEEEEEEEEAAAAAPPPPPP!!!


At least we know G.Singular is wrong when he or she says we may be the same person.I like Dair but at the same time am not going to dis the show or the writers if they break up.As far as Serenate ,they look good but they did not work for me, nola is good till now but it is too early to say whether they will last.


There's no need to try to be patronising. I take the show as it comes and the ships with it. I don't need to rant because I'm not getting my own way and I certainly don't need to slate characters or other fans of the show. I just think that bald statements like 'Chair is perfect' and 'Dair fans can't be real fans' are untrue and unconsidered. The show is for all fans and everyone likes it for a multitude of reasons and I'm ok with everyone getting a bit of what they want at some point during the shows seasons. By the way I also preferred Serena with Nate.


Hey Gossip Girl writers especially Safran! Please the wider audience, not yourselves. If you want Dair to continue, bring that to other shows. Don't listen to the scheming Dair fans. They aim to end the show sooner. Also Raven, honey I'm no Chair fan. I'm a hardcore SERENATE. One doesn't have to be a Chair fan to see how awful Dair is on screen. They are so annoying to see in any romantic gestures.


Why is it that Chair fans are so blinkered and unreasoning? Chair were not perfect by a long shot and that's what actually made them interesting for all that time. If being deluded is enjoying the bit of a change we have at the moment and still being able to accept that ultimately the writers will do what they like and and can just enjoy the show for what it is then so be it. I'd rather be that than someone who makes wild assumptions and attempts to be insulting.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Dorota: Miss Serena, all you do all day is type type type. You take laptop with you everywhere. It not healthy.
Serena: Well after last week's family meltdown, this laptop is the only thing keeping me sane. Writing is my new outlet. You should be happy for me.
Dorota: If you say so. But Vanya say same thing about Warcraft and then DSL bill comes.

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