Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "Salon of the Dead"

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A photo gallery of images from Monday's Gossip Girl has finally been unveiled.

Might the long-theorized connection between Diana and Chuck finally be explored? The Gossip Girl clips for next week haven't hinted at that too directly, but their storylines intertwining seems inevitable.

The release of a few photos of them together boosts that theory. The other promotional images feature Lola and Serena, unknowing half-sisters and rivals for It Girl status. Where will that story lead us?

Click to enlarge the pictures from "Salon of the Dead" and comment below ...

Diana and Chuck
Chuck and Diana
E. Hurley on Gossip Girl
Blake Lively as Serena
Charlotte Rhodes Photo
Lola and Serena
Big Payne
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I am glad that you liked my little hypothesis. It's great to annoying fans Dan and Blair! But it really would be a great plot, with lots laughing!


@Zoran I so hope Chuck isn't a prince. Honestly, I always saw Chuck in the past as Blair's dark knight. Him being a prince would set Blair into "OHHHHEEMMMGEEEEEE HE WAS A PRINCE ALL ALOONG??? WTHHH WHY DID I MARRRYYYY LOOOUISSS GO AWAYYYY DANNNNN"" So yeah.


@GG 4.0 please stop using that phrase "pig ... writers" it is very offensive and has no reason to be used. I have seen you use it many times on a bunch of different posts and it is just as offensive as the last time. There are many other ways you can bad mouth the writers w/out having to use such hate as references to hitler. you should really be more careful with how lightly you treat the Holocaust. It did affect many people and it still does. I hope you are more intellectual than that. Choose love, not hate.


eğer diane de chuck ın annesi olursa sapıklığın sınırlarını zorlamış olacaklar yani chuck ın en yakın arkadaşı ile ilişkiye giren bir bayının annesi olma ihtimalini düşünmek bile istemem hadi blair bir fahişe dedik ama bu bir anne yani tam bir domuzluktur bence kardeş veya teyzedir diye umut ediyorum.


please stop your imagination, GG is just a TV show with bad writers.


What clues are you talking about


Blair and Chuck should be together again!Lonely Boy belongs to Serena OMG what the hell is going on in this season?!!!


how i wish Georgina SParks coming back from episode 22 until finale season 5! also with ivy dickens return!


Leenah, where is the link of this episode as you claim?