Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "Salon of the Dead"

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A photo gallery of images from Monday's Gossip Girl has finally been unveiled.

Might the long-theorized connection between Diana and Chuck finally be explored? The Gossip Girl clips for next week haven't hinted at that too directly, but their storylines intertwining seems inevitable.

The release of a few photos of them together boosts that theory. The other promotional images feature Lola and Serena, unknowing half-sisters and rivals for It Girl status. Where will that story lead us?

Click to enlarge the pictures from "Salon of the Dead" and comment below ...

Diana and Chuck
Chuck and Diana
E. Hurley on Gossip Girl
Blake Lively as Serena
Charlotte Rhodes Photo
Lola and Serena
Big Payne

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I will bit to correct my position. Last week I wrote that Diana's half-sister to Chuck by his father. This view is far more logical and makes sense. Because it opens the possibility for a new twist - who is actually Chuck's mother? We can let imagination run wild, but my favorite is the one idea. Chuck's mother was some kind of princess or noblewoman, so Chuck – is prince or count, or something similar. This would have fit into the pot for the next 6 season. Blair will be fainted when it hears that Chuck is a Prince! But new information suggests that Diana's mother of Chuck. Probably because it re-emerged on the set of the actor who plays Chuck's father.


I'm starting to wonder if Diana is a red herring. I know the writers are lazy, but they can't be this obvious. Hopefully, whatever the case may be they'll bring the gang back together to figure it out--and Blair will realize she is being really obnoxious to Chuck for no real reason. And for those of you who want to bring up the hotel, please remember she was the one who wanted to spend the rest of her life with him at the beginning of this season so we're all past that at this point. That she brought it up in the last episode only goes to show how confused her character has been written this season.


The episode is already online..


Don't forget that Lola is an actress, so its not hard for her to act that she's not Gossip Girl around NJBC.


It seems that it is true that Chuck's mother was Diane. It will probably find out in this episode. This discovery will complicate the situation between Chuck and Nate. It is possible to breaking of friendship between the two them. I am a fan of Serena, Serena should go to play around with Charlotte. But do not forget to keep, because Charlotte can show her teeth.


Lola is the real Gossip Girl. Clues are everywhere.

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