Gossip Girl Promo & Sneak Peek: Dair Goes Public

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Thank you for setting me free.

With those texted words, Blair officially bid farewell to her marriage on last night's Gossip Girl ... and to Chuck, at least for the near future. Despite his payment of her dowry, she embracing her freedom by dating Dan.

Publicly, starting next week.

In the sneak preview clip below, Blair's going all out as she proclaims to the UES world that she's back on the social scene and that Humphrey, of all people, is by her side. This is one elaborate debut as a couple.

Here's your first glimpse of "Salon of the Dead" ...

What roadblocks to you anticipate await the happy couple during their coming out party (it's Gossip Girl, you know there will be some)? Do you think Blair's overcompensating for something or trying too hard?

Tell us below. Meanwhile, Lola lands the audition of a lifetime, but Gossip Girl may have other plans for the latest It Girl. Speaking of S, she and Diana square off over secrets they would prefer remain secrets.

Finally, Lily and Rufus continue to disagree over the best way to handle the Ivy situation that confounds and divides them. Here's the CW's promo from last night if you missed it:

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So they threw a party without inviting their friends bwahahahaha now this made me laugh :)and that zach and jesse comment was spot on.


I'm sorry I'm not trying to bully or argue w anybody,I really can't see the connection between dan and blair,I am a chair fan and will always be.I also agree chuck deserves better and I also agree about the whole hooking up w friends ex bf/gf why can't these shows 90210 and GG have at least one NALEY.One true love,love that conquers all,love that thrives and survives.The show lost its heat and passion,cough chuckandblair cough.My opinion.


cont. @ Lila: However, these 2 episodes have had dissmal ratings (in fact somebody joked on Twitter that Diana Payne saying that word about The Spectator actually should be applied to GG) and they coincide with Dair. I saw a while ago either the graphic you mentioned or a similar one, but in all honesty, we can all conduct studies and speculate what happened, but nobody is going to really believe anything unless it comes from a certified source, like a news media agency or something like that, not a person in Tumblr or a social media network.


@Hanna: I would recommend you The O.C., but it was produced by the same producers that started GG, and for many of us it also got ruined in season 3, specially in the finale, so I don't know. Maybe you should watch E.R. or Dallas, now that was good TV. @ Christine: you certainly didn't offend me because I agree with you. @ Lila: the show certainly had a lackluster season 3, though I wasn't one of the Chuck and Blair fans annoyed by their interactions, and I was quite worried with some fans reactions saying they were too boring or not spicey enought or whatever, because I knew that the producers woult try to fix this with over the top drama, which was what happened. But there were other things in season 3 that caused it to be lackluster, and it might be because they didn't knew what to do with the characters post high school which was a phase that wasn't also explored too much in the books.


Can't tell exactly what is more to blame : the end of the high school years (GG's dynamic is perfectly fitted for high school year, but not adulthood), the fact that guest star started to have more and more storylines, even more than the main characters, the lack of consistency in a long way run of the 2 main initial couples ...the break up, the make up...anyway someone may put a bit of a blame on the dair storyline as a lot of people dislike it, but you can't seriously make Dair the scapegoat here ! As for the party, it's a coming out party yes, but where Dan and Blair are hosting this literature salon, and I doubt Chuck, Nate or Serena could be directly interested in it...it's not like it was a gathering party or so ! Anyway, it wiil be fun to see the whole dynamic !


Organizing a party that would be Dan and Blair first appeared publicly as a couple is a real nonsense. Unfortunately, they are lovers, and who defend them to go out together from the apartment. I think that here is something else at the center. Relationship between Dan and Blair are moved two of them away from their friends. Because of that their friends are not invited to the party. So the party does not make sense. Blair attempt to pose as if nothing had happened was too poor. Because their friends will never accept the two of them as a couple - their relationship is doomed. In addition, Dan is very suspicious of Blair. Do not believe her. Unlike, Blair fully believed to Dan. Relationship must be based on mutual trust, which in this case is concerned. We saw that in the episode 19x5.


Certainly we can not blame Dan and Blair falling viewership for the series. But by what you wrote blame for the decline in ratings are to producers and writers who were at the end of season 2 broken up Serena and Dan. From what you wrote viewership decline began in season 3. Production of the series was broke up Dan i Serena in season 2. In Season 3 Serena and Dan were not together. Then we can say that this is the first reason why the ratings began to fall!


Episode 19 RATING 0.98 Million total viewers. Thanx DAIR :-D


@ ms.m : ok thank you ! Ive been massively fighting on the GG facebook page lol getting all the ratings back and demonstrating that the loss in viewers remained steady and equivalent season after season (bigger loss end of season 2 - beginning of season 4) ...so that statistically speaking, you can't put the whole blame on Dair ...but some chair fans wouldn't recognize it.
And then im the one who is in denial. Annoying really.


im sorry if i bothered you all Dair fans with the use of "we" in whatever i said about them being BORING and all, but i keep feeling that the majority is rooting for Chair always..let me tell you, this whole thing they have been doing in 90210 and GG and other shows by constantly messing couples up and then letting frinds betray other friends by making out with their boyfriends or ex boyfriends is making me hate them..THERE IS real love in real life so there must be a great love like Chuck and Blair's in tv to keep fans alive..that's my opinion! NOT EVERYONE MAKE OUT WITH EVERYONE....that's absurd!