Gossip Girl Promo & Sneak Peek: Dair Goes Public

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Thank you for setting me free.

With those texted words, Blair officially bid farewell to her marriage on last night's Gossip Girl ... and to Chuck, at least for the near future. Despite his payment of her dowry, she embracing her freedom by dating Dan.

Publicly, starting next week.

In the sneak preview clip below, Blair's going all out as she proclaims to the UES world that she's back on the social scene and that Humphrey, of all people, is by her side. This is one elaborate debut as a couple.

Here's your first glimpse of "Salon of the Dead" ...

What roadblocks to you anticipate await the happy couple during their coming out party (it's Gossip Girl, you know there will be some)? Do you think Blair's overcompensating for something or trying too hard?

Tell us below. Meanwhile, Lola lands the audition of a lifetime, but Gossip Girl may have other plans for the latest It Girl. Speaking of S, she and Diana square off over secrets they would prefer remain secrets.

Finally, Lily and Rufus continue to disagree over the best way to handle the Ivy situation that confounds and divides them. Here's the CW's promo from last night if you missed it:

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good news for Dair fans: Dair trends on twitter just like Chair...so the whole one ship is more popular than the other b/c of 'twitter' is a dead argument. someone did an amazing mathematical breakdown of the GG ratings to show exactly why Dair wasn't to blame for ratings decline which i can't find anymore on tumblr...but the precision of the analysis made me realize it's probably what the writers already know...which is why they don't care too much about ratings in terms of 'ships'. from the producers preview, which i saw on the tumblr, it's clear Dan/Blair are having legit real life type couple drama...that by the end of the episode they'll overcome.


I enjoy Blair with Dan so much more than with any other man. Their relationship saves the show for me. I am so happy that they are finally together. ;)


Agree with Christine - Terrible season too much boring humphrey on our screen. Didn't like him much seasons 1-4 but now he irritates me even more.
Imagine if they'd put Dair together seasons ago god it would have gone down the toilet way before now then we wouldn't be stuck with this depressingly bad season!


@Sophia, yes and Chucks a saint. Get over yourself. You're NOT a chair fan. You're a Chuck fan, there's a difference. So it's ok for Chuck to abuse Blair, treat her like an object(literally), play games with her, date other women and actually TRY to move on but Blair can't do the same? Please, get the F over yourself.


@Christine, Stop using we for everything. I'm not included in there at all and actually can't stand Chair. Dair is nice and adds something new and interesting and are entertaining to watch. GG has gone down because its the same ridiculous BS run over and over again, CHAIR. GG was good S1 and S2 because it focused on others as well but then it went crazy with Chair and that's why it plummeted. Nobody wants to see a trainwreck over and over again. That's why ratings went down. "We" did watch them for years but "We" did not all get goosebumps.


NO CHEMISTRY between Dan and Blair....two completely different people...different worlds..oh and they look ridiculous together.can't stand themmim telling you guys, the reason Gossip has gone down this year is the fact that they ruined the most attractive thing in the show..Blair and Chuck's endless love and great passion..we used to watch them all the time for years and im sure we all got goosebumps!


OMG dan and blair are SO forced the writers turned blair into a lame ass whore.
I only watch for chuck'storyline


I enjoy every bit of Dair.


I miss chair! And I still think they will be endgame!


Dnt discriminate against Jews gg3.0!!!!! Regardless of how bad a show is NO cultural/religious group should be picked on!! Grow up!!!!!