Gossip Girl Spoiler: What's the Latest Obstacle For Dair?

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Dan and Blair are going strong on Gossip Girl, but a new obstacle awaits.

One that is not named Chuck Bass. Or their vastly different social status.

E! Online teases this new challenge for Dair by saying only that much, but we think we have a fairly good idea what it is. In "Raiders of the Lost Art" (April 30), Dan is offered a prestigious fellowship in Rome for the summer.

There's also talk in recent weeks that Dan will make a sacrifice for Blair.

Think that's it? Will he take it and leave Blair behind? Will he stay behind for the sake of their relationship? Will they go together? Does this have nothing at all to do with the obstacle facing them? Tell us what you think.

Blair and Dan Image

Also, apparently Serena will have a love interest before season's end. In fact, she may even have more than one. Share your thoughts on that little teaser and all things Gossip Girl in the comments below ...

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Dan and Blair are so boring. Again tonight same thing. Dan has just become Blair's therapist. He will help her "find" herself and then she will realize where she belongs. Like she's told Chuck in the past, they can only be together when she feels like an equal. You are such a good lap dog Dan.


Yawn... who cares? When will they break up is what I want to know.


We agree to disagree. We are on opposite sides.


I never claimed not to be a fan of Dair - in fact I have supported all the ships during the time that they were the focal point of the respective characters storylines but I am also not averse to change. I also am not blinkered when it comes to the characters. I never said Chuck hadn't done decent things but I'm not sure the scales are fully balanced yet. I also dont think Dan befriended Chuck to get to Blair. Blair and Dan had already formed their friendship at that point. All the characters have done stuff they shouldn't be proud of but I like seeing them evolve. You just want them to regress. I think we may see Chair again but Derena was high school and I think they arent suited long term. But unlike most people on here I'll take the show as it comes and if the writers do put the original couples back then so be it but it should be because that's the way the characters evolve and not just because fans aren't getting their own way.


I expected that you will answer. And as usual, completely disagree with you. Not all people are the same, every man is unverzum for himself. Which is why you can not compare Chuck and Blair and Serena and Dan. As for the friendship between Chuck and Dan, what I said is the exact truth, and you look back episodes. Jenny and Chuck are sleeping together voluntarily, without force. Again, see second last episode of season 3 and you will see - they were disappointed and alone, and it happened. Well, now is obvious that you are, nevertheless fan of Dan and Blair. Because you do not remember that Chuck sacrificed for Blair that she will be with Louis at the end of the 4 season, and now that he paid dowry. And completely forget that Dan used Chuck to come to Blair. Serena and Dan are each other's fate. Serena is love of his life, Dan is the love of her life. I am still a big fan of Serena and Dan. What's great should not be changed.


Just because two people experience the same type of childhood does not make them the same or fated to be together. If that is your logic then Serena and Dan definitely aren't meant to be. I don't know if ultimately Chuck knows how to be good. He tends to only be decent when there's either something in it for him or it's about Blair. And as for trying to be friends with Dan don't forget he did sleep with Jenny etc. I like Chuck but I am also a realist about his character. Dan was ready to sacrifice his feelings to allow Chair to be together but the second Blair showed interest in Dan, Chuck was off trying to sabotage them both. I don't think Chair are fully over but at this moment, irrespective of what you claim about illusions, Derena definitely are.


As I already wrote Dan is in love with an illusion, in what Blair is not. And the only real relationship between Dan and Blair is to be friends. Serena and Dan are each other's fate, Dan is the love of her life, Serena is love of his life.


Chuck and Blair are the same persons, both in childhood did not have enough love from their parents. For this, they developed, while growing up, the defense mechanisms that seem inaccessible, snobs, unpleasant persons. Simply, built around the invisible walls, through which only selected let - Serena and Nate. But that does not mean they are bad people, on the contrary, they are at heart good people. Chuck has that show when he tried twice to be friend with Dan. Both times Dan was dismantled that friendship. As for Blair, she is shown as a friend of Serena. The two were like sisters, both lacked has parental love and they found comfort in each other. For that Chuck and Blair fate tied to each other, first through friendship, and then as lovers. Contrast ratio has Dan and Blair, two of them apart from books and movies have nothing in common. As I already wrote Dan is in love with an illusion, in what Blair is not. And the only real relationship between Dan and Blair is to be friends. Serena and Dan are each other's fate, Dan is the love of her life, Serena is love of his life.


I believe Dair are endgame. Chair is only about sex.. without that there was no substance. Dan challenges Blair and vice versa. This is my opinion and I will stick by it. Also I think Chair do better as friends and I personally would love to see a Serena and Chuck hook up..


If Serena does have two love interests (the spoiler carefully says "may") my choices would be: first, Nate; second, some long lost friend, perhaps from boarding school (not Damien, ugh).

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