Gossip Girl Spoiler: What's the Latest Obstacle For Dair?

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Dan and Blair are going strong on Gossip Girl, but a new obstacle awaits.

One that is not named Chuck Bass. Or their vastly different social status.

E! Online teases this new challenge for Dair by saying only that much, but we think we have a fairly good idea what it is. In "Raiders of the Lost Art" (April 30), Dan is offered a prestigious fellowship in Rome for the summer.

There's also talk in recent weeks that Dan will make a sacrifice for Blair.

Think that's it? Will he take it and leave Blair behind? Will he stay behind for the sake of their relationship? Will they go together? Does this have nothing at all to do with the obstacle facing them? Tell us what you think.

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Also, apparently Serena will have a love interest before season's end. In fact, she may even have more than one. Share your thoughts on that little teaser and all things Gossip Girl in the comments below ...

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i recently watched the episode in season 4 when Chuck and Blair have hate sex, and blair said to someone; i have to do this to keep away from the best sex of my life.. and she just kept making him out to be the best she's ever had, like she was eating loads of sugar to distract herself it was hysterical!! compare that to Dan and Blair, and i think we all have our answer.


@ maxevans
If this is true, it makes sense. Because if Dan refuses to go to Rome, and sacrifice his career for her, and Blair spend more time helping Chuck, Dan will get angry. He will come to expressed his negative side, he still does not trust Blair about Chuck, and to judge prematurely. Thus it turns out that Dan is in love with the illusion of what Blair is not. Dan is stray and needs to return to Serena, while not to be late.


New obstacle Dan breaks up with Blair??.....I WILL SERIOUSLY LAUGH MY ASS OFF..."Queen B gets dumped by lonely boy"


You're right when it comes to Chuck and Blair. Blair is not ready to return now to Chuck because of nearly divorced and is not ready to finally re-attached to someone. That is why, when Dan said that he is in love to Blair, she would not respond to him in the same way. You're right, as far as Dan, he's really the image of his father. But in my opinion, Serena and Dan deserve each other. Serena is the best person for Dan, and Dan is the best man for Serena. Simply Dan is the love of her life, and Serena is the love of his life.


(my phone hates me). Dan will want a girl like his mom. I think it is a nice transitional relationship, but untimately, their backgrounds and preferred lifestyles will pull them apart. plus Blair to chuck "I just can't love you the way you need me to right now."


...of the day, I think Blair is going to want to be with a more powerful man (whom she also happens to love, and who also happens to need her) and Dan will want a more carefree and artistic girl like h


I think the reason that Dair is happening is because they both need it to happen. Blair knows that if she goes to Chuck, it is endgame. She just got divorced and can't handle the weight of getting into a relationship with Chuck that will end up in marriage...and also one where she is the least powerful of the two. Dan is just like his dad. he is an artist (writer) and seems to like letting powerful women control him, but at the end


I know what you mean. The writers should have ditched the royal wedding debacle and developed Dair better so that we could have had more time to buy into it and believe that is a true alternative to Chair. I'm not convinced the writers have managed to do that which is a shame as I'd like to see Dair given a fair shot.


As much as I love Dair, I would much rather they not be happening this season. Fifth season Dair was hurried, seemed pushed and is not entertaining. It should have happened in the 4th Season or in a legitimate way, instead of making Blair love a different man every other week. While she's married, by the way.
The only thing that is keeping me watching GG is Serena as Gossip Girl, though her poker face is, we have to assume ridiculous.


I know you're a big fan of Derena and I admire your constancy! :-)

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