Gossip Girl Spoilers: Twist to Shake Up Love Triangle?

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Monday on Gossip Girl, a good deed by Chuck became a catalyst for setting Blair free ... to take her relationship with Dan to a new level, as they go public next week. Funny how life works out sometimes.

Looks like there's trouble brewing, though, or at least a new bombshell. According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, "There is a huge twist coming that (I have to imagine) will impact the Dan-Blair-Chuck triangle."

What do you think that could be? And how do you see said love triangle playing out the rest of this season, and heading into the sixth (and presumably final) season of Gossip Girl? Comment below.

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I hope that Blair cleans himself the blood that Dan left him between the legs. Blair is a shit


Blair is a whore


I agree with you. Dan and Blair can only be friends. They are now friends with benefits. You're right, in the end should be together Serena and Dan and Chuck and Blair. They are in all 5 seasons the main couples.


Chuck is the one since the begining. there are no Dair fireworks. They are friends not lovers. And Dan fited for her just a few episodes and Chuck 2 seasons. I Love Chair. I hate Lonely Ass with Blair and Blair with lonely Ass.
Chair is the end of season5 and in season 6 Chuck and Blair will have a wedding. Dan will be with Serena.
There is alsow a option that Charina. They werent together thru all 6 seasons and this would make everyone happy and Blair jeleause. Blair will be Blair again. Chuck is Serenas brother but this could be even better.
Still or CHAIR or CHARINA nothing else is axeptable.


I do not believe that Dan faked test for paternity. Dan has not raised the test from a doctor, Blair did. I think that Blair knew all along that the father of her child's Chuck. But now it has little to do, because the child no longer exists. But since this is GG, anything is possible?!


I have always thought that Chuck was the father of Blair's baby. Since Dan is always trying to fix everything for Blair to keep Chuck out of her life, I also think that he manipulated the paternity test. Chair and Derena will be back before end of sixth season. Perhaps Eva needs to return to shake Blair up again.


Okay so im a Chair shipper obviously but it is cool and relaxing to see an unthinkable match for a change (be realistic nobody would of imagine B&D together before). However this is Gossip Girl and the writers cant let people be happy for too long or else the show wouldnt be so popular and it would be done before its time. They'll bring the paternity thing back because it was dropped too quick and make Dan a bad guy. Blair wont be happy about it but she wont give up on him just yet. But they really need to make Blair "Queen B" again cause i really miss the old B and i hate how her and Serena have no on screen time. I miss all of them together taking down people. The writers need to step their game up man.


All I care about is that Dan and Blair end up together. I am okay with anything in the middle. I have stopped daring to DAIR.


There is a picture of the next episode where Diana is sitting in Blair´s living. Maybe she tell something about Chuck to Blair. If this happen Blair will have to talk with Chuck....


is there no other storyline the writer's can think of for chuck except to have him constantly in love with blair?! Enough with chair/dair already. -frustrated dair shipper.

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