Gossip Girl Spoilers: Twist to Shake Up Love Triangle?

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Monday on Gossip Girl, a good deed by Chuck became a catalyst for setting Blair free ... to take her relationship with Dan to a new level, as they go public next week. Funny how life works out sometimes.

Looks like there's trouble brewing, though, or at least a new bombshell. According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, "There is a huge twist coming that (I have to imagine) will impact the Dan-Blair-Chuck triangle."

What do you think that could be? And how do you see said love triangle playing out the rest of this season, and heading into the sixth (and presumably final) season of Gossip Girl? Comment below.

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What could shake up the love triangle Chuck and Blair and Dan, was discovery that Chucks mother was Diana. Chuck will probably seek the advice of friend - Blair. Blair will be in a precarious position to help ex-boyfriend and angry current. Bearing in mind that Dan is suspicion around Blair and Dan does not believe anything to Chuck - enough material for the first quarrel between friends with benefits, Blair and Dan.


Completely're right. I agree with you about Dan and Blair. So I think it is important to explain why Dan was described Serena in the book Inside. Also, it is important to clarify who was the father of a baby Blair lost. It is true that the relationship between Blair and Dan is relationship between two friends. I am still a big fan of Serena and Dan.


"I like the Blair and Dan union but as a story line it can't go much further." I completely agree Toni.


The love quadrangle is entertaining. I like the Blair and Dan union but as a story line it can't go much further. The build up is over and now they are just another couple doing couple things. The story did have some romantic elements and it may still have some steam left. The writers may compell us to watch. Chuck Bass is an interesting character. You want to hate him and love him at the same time. But, Dan is so sweet. Hmmm.


You know ive been a gossip girl fan from the beginning and the way this show has progressed is nothing like i thought it would. I mean i was a die hard Derena fan for awhile but dair is interesting but the fact they are still together this long is kinda crazy i mean when are the producers gonna cut the cord and let blair and chuck have their happy ending? Dair fans im not trying to bash you guys but come on they are not lovers they are more friends who don't want to face the fact the people they really love have serious problems so they confine with each other.


What I'd like: Blair dumping Dan and getting back with Chuck. I loathe the Dair storyline so much that I quit watching. I check the spoilers to see when it's safe to watch again. What will probably happen given how nuts (NOT in a good way) this season has been: Dan and Chuck hook up, Blair and Serena decide that UES men are a waste of time and move to Paris.


i think the writers would lily and rufus split up so that way they could bring Derena back,and Chair without problem. What if they have a halfbro somewhere? and what if they're still step-siblings? love is love, no matter how inmoral it sounds!:D


I just want chuck w Eva she seemed to make him happy..or sure why not get him w serena and end this misery over him wanting Blair back..at this point i could care less who Blair ends up with as she was my favorite character and now i cant stand her..and no its because she is with dan i just cant stand her actions, personality now..For all i care they can do away with her this season (of course i know that wont happen)


i don't care about chair or dair anymore, please give chuck at least one decent storyline this season!


@ ms.m: I agree so much. Chuck, along with Blair and Dan, hasn't been allowed to progress this season at all. The love triangle is one of the most terrible plots of the series. It's just tyring and annoying and I wish the characters would just move on. Instead Blair is a selfish, unreasonable bitch, who lashes out at people for no reason and treats them like shit, Chuck is becoming generally pathetic and just bends over for her and Dan'll most likely turn into a jealous loon. They're seriously ruining them with this back and forth. Since I dislike both chair and dair, I don't care who Blair chooses. But, please, let her make up her mind for good!!

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Gossip Girl: Sorry, boys. But didn't you know that if you wait to long to seize the day—
Chuck: Gone.
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Gossip Girl: The one you want could get away.