In Plain Sight Review: The Paradox of Choice

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As much as I enjoyed last week's episode of In Plain Sight, "The Merry Wives of WITSEC" ranked as one of my favorite episodes of the series. 

Mary's snarkiness was in rare form as she dealt with the nanny search at home and a hall of fame weasel of a witness at work.

First off the crime that drove John into WITSEC was gruesomely fascinating. They were stealing kidneys while performing gastric bypass operations. That's both criminally brilliant and horrific all at once.

How the heck do you go into WITSEC with two wives?  What made John most despicable was that he never acknowledged the damage he'd done to these two families.

Mary and Marshall's reactions when they found out about John's bigamy were priceless.  Mary snarked that he was the last of the hopeless romantics as he proclaimed his love for both families while Marshall called him a sociopath for believing his own delusions.

Mary on the Phone

Mary was hoping for a back stage pass to witness the wives when they broke the news to them.  Instead she was part of the show.  Be careful what you wish for. 

When Mary showed Eve the Christmas card of John with his other family, all I could think was that this guy's a total bastard.  Even Mary griped that calling him out was way less fun than she expected.

John lied to these women for seven years and then acted like he couldn't help himself because they were both so amazing.  Yes, and each one deserved a real husband.  Instead they were stuck giving their kids the speech about Daddy making a horrible mistake but that didn't mean he didn't love them. 

I never doubted that Bonnie was the caller.  The girl was angry about never being able to play lacrosse again when she thought Dad had simply witnessed a crime.  Imagine her anger once she realized he'd betrayed them all on top of it.

When she screamed at him, asking how come they weren't enough, I briefly wondered if Mary had had those same thoughts about her own father.

But one of my favorite In Plain Sight quotes was when Mary asked John…

Mary: Hey Big Love. It is just the two? Tell me you don't have a red head stashed behind door number three. | permalink

…because I was thinking the same thing.  Now that John's separated from both families how long do you think it will be before he finds wife number three?

Back home, Mary and Mark were interviewing nannies and I can't imagine a person on the planet that Mary would trust with her daughter.  As much as Mark should have talked to her first, his mother arriving was a blessing.

Mary describing Stan playing kissie face with his girlfriend to Marshall over the phone was hysterical. They were both fascinated and repelled at the same time.

How many seasons has it taken for Marshall and Mary to realize that she's his work wife?  At work, he wouldn't know what to do without Mary.  Life would be a lot less fun.  They are the perfect pair.

But would they make such a great couple in their personal lives?  Probably not, but I'd love to see them talk about it.

Maybe that will happen now that Marshall's engaged.  His proposal to Abigail was unique, unexpected, sweet, and funny.  As much as I wasn't sold on Abigail in the beginning, these two do make a great couple.

So do you think Marshall and Abigail are meant to last?  How will Mary react when she finds out?  With only half the season left, In Plain Sight continues to outdo itself every week.


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mary,i can't believe the show is ending,i love that show,you make me laugh &you make me cry,your truly a great actress,to play your charachter you have to be a truly great person,i am going to miss your quips,your sense of humor,the strength you show,the crap you don't put up with,tonights episode definitly had me in tears,your dad dying.anyhow,i hope we get to see you soon in an equally good show,thank you,may god continue to bless you & your family. all my love,tami


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I, too was trying to figure out who the actress playing Mark's mother was. Her voice was so familiar! I finally got it--she's Mimi Kennedy, who played Abby Finkelstein, Dharma's mother on "Dharma and Greg.". She had long curly hair then.


Mary and Marshall would never make it as a long term couple, but could you not at least have them together for a night of of total bliss between them? All the frustrations and real feelings come out with a one night of making love? Pent up feelings through this season after season is a long time for feelings to be held. I will certainly be disappointed if something like this does not happen. And it looks like other fans agree with me.


Uggg I don't want Marshal to end up with the Barbie cop... Mary do something !!! plz.... K


I'm sad marshell is engaged iv been rooting for him & mary since season 1 I know its rude but pls mary breakup the engagment


In the opening—the daughter's Dad saying "full ride to OU"? OU doesn't have a women's lacrosse team. Can anyone do a simple web search?


Continued sorry didnt know there was a limit. that she might have to deal with consiqusces of stepping up and taking what was offered. She will have Marshal one way or the other always and she might have to do what she is best known for sucking it up and burring her feelings so she doesn't hurt her best friend and partner. she will do what she thinks is right for him regardless. the wait and see is killing me but I love the show and know that I may be disappointed but it will still be good.


I think the more I see the show develop the more I think it could go ether way. yes Abigail is good for Marshal but really he has held a flame for mare for what 7 yrs? he cant even say he loves Abigail he says " I (hesitation) love going home to her" what she is comfortable but not what he wants. he wants a normal life but is settling for what her THINKS will make him happy. However because you dont get to see anything but the cutzy stuff with them you never see the real interaction. I know Mary is not the best for Marshal but his first and always main priority is Mary no matter where they are together. I think she has more epiphanies coming her way regarding her feelings, emotions and what it means to love someone. I think the writers were amazing to allow the baby story line as it allows Mary to experience unconditional love for someone all the while knowing it can still be heart breaking. she is growing and I think we see that in the way she is helping Marshal and the realizations that have come up in this last season. I KNOW she knows how he has felt but I think she is finally realizing that maybe best friend and partners could have been more but now HE is with someone else and she will not be her mother. SO she supports her best friend and partner the only way she knows how and does what she does best and buries her feelings. who knows how it will end for me the watching is great the waiting really sucks.


CONTINUED>>>> impact on everyone, and would not think of herself and other members of the family being in danger. Teenagers are self involved, anyone who has been one and/or has raised one knows that. I was so glad the writers did not have the daughter, or any of the others forgive him. Very few people would have. Like the reviewer said, I'm sure he will find wife number 3 shortly.

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