Jimmy Smits Signs on for Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Arc

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In case it was possible to get any more excited for season five of Sons of Anarchy...

FX has announced that Jimmy Smits has signed on for a major arc on upcoming season of this Kurt Sutter drama, as the former NYPD Blue star will come on board as Neron “Nero” Padilla, a Latino gangster who becomes somewhat of a mentor for Jax.

Jimmy Smits, outlaw

In addition to Smits, look for Sons of Anarchy to add at least one more major season five player.

Sutter Tweeted this week that Forest Whitaker - with whom he worked on The Shield - is in among the contenders to portray Damon Pope, the father of a young woman Tig mowed down on the season four finale.

Meanwhile, Sutter has released a new, extended version "WTF Sutter," in this case speaking in depth on Smits' role and Sons of Anarchy season 5 in general. Watch now!

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I love all of the Sons characters, but Gemma is the glue of the show. You need a matriarch and she played it well.
I have no clue what's going to happen in the next season. Tara is not ready nor does she want to be the presidents old lady.


Ron Pearman makes the show?ha!yeah right.there is a whole cast that makes sons what it is,not one guy.its not a one man show on Broadway.each one plays the role they are given to perfection,can't wait for season five


I dont agree with the comment that Ron Purlman carries the show. S.O.A have got an amazing talented cast and not 1 of them lets the show down. As for the writing of the show it is spot on and never fails to keep me plugged in.Ok if Im honest I started getting into the show because of Charlie Hunnam but since I picked it up in season 2 I ave been glued I even bought season 1 box set to back track on storylines and charectors.As for Gemma I think its about time her and trig finally got it on I think he'd be good for her,and you can tell he loves her that's obvious.Looking forward to season 5 n seeing sexy Jax in the big chair holding the gavel may you make plenty more Kurt your a legendx


When does season 5 start? Want to be sure to record if on a trip.


I can't believe you are SERIOUSLY considering killing off Clay Morrow he is SONS only real actor. Clay was the glue for that show he made everything come together.Gemma was sexy because of the way clay said his lines to her,without Clay she will be peggy bundy again. Ron Perlman made you run to the set to see the show.I will cut all ties to the show after his death,I only watched to see Ron Perlman and fell in love with the show because of him.Ron has something special the way he deliver his lines and a smoking hot body. No Ron Perlman No show for me.Love you Clay.


I love jimmy ive watched him on every.show and movie hes been on !!! Im am soooooo glad hes joining the show,, ive watched since day one and it just keeps getting better!!! I am also happy forest is joining hes one of my favorite actors,,, LOVE THE SHOW KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!! Chick,,,


Looking forward to it! He's a cool guy, met him once & I lost the pic :-( Can't wait to see him in action again on TV!


is season 4 on dvd yet!


interesting I do not think Kurt Sutter will show the gay scene in the SOA even if they are modeled after the USA hells angels. Chuck will probably Play as Clay's father in a funeral scene and lets hope that is the end of chuck on the show. Sadly Clay will be killed off this season because he will be going back to making movies.
Katey looks so fine for her age that Kurt will have to find a 45-50 year old actor to be her new lover.
Chuck is to old and that will just make her look older.
If a Pro like katey is in 2 many scenes with an amatuer like Chuck it will take away from her past cretit as an actor.
People only remember the present.


It would be great if they would make longer seasons, seems like SOA is half the season or more,of any other show....