Once Upon a Time Picture Preview: Rumple-riffic!

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Once Upon a Time does not return with a new episode until April 22. That's the bad news.

But when this ABC series does finally air a fresh installment again, it will at least focus on a couple of key questions/characters:

  1. Who is August? Mr. Gold will do all he can to get to the bottom of that question.
  2. Rumplestiltskin, who will make a deal with his son in fairy tale world.

Check out the official Once Upon a Time trailer for the upcoming installment and then click around below to view photos from it:

A Deal with Rumplestiltskin
Raphael Sbarge as Archie
Mr. Gold Photo
August vs. Mr. Gold
Rumplestiltskin and His Son
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ignore my comment. Seems like Rump and I were thinking along the same line. Thats what I get for not reading the comments first. Oops.


Maybe Pinocchio is Rumples son (the boy didnt have a name did he, when he was introduced in the beginning...?)? Perhaps whatever deal he made with his son turned the boy into wood and then Gepetto claims he made Pinocchio, when he only just found him... The stories don't seem to always match what we know from the classic fairy tale, so perhaps my theory could be close.


if august was rumple's son then why was he able to leave storybrooke? I think i'm leanig more towards the pinnochio theory, but then again why would pinnochio try to kill rumple??? seriously the suspense is killing me!!!


I just read that Gepetato agrees build the wardrobe if his son can go safely with Emma so I guess August is Pinochio which still doesnt explain why or how he has the dagger with the dark ones name on it in storybrooke or if and how he got it unless the fairies turned Rumpels son into wood and gave him to G to protect him from Rupel


i so believe that august is rumple's son. i have concluded this because we never really did find out what happened to rumple"s son in the fairy tale world., maybe he ran away and august is him in story brooke. i mean why else is august trying to kill rumple? i totally believe that august is rumple's son. plus, he cant be pinochio. why would pinochio want to kill rumple? the two have no connection at all.


@Igor...I'm pretty sure August is Pinocchio too. On the last ep when he was walking downhill with Emma he had issues with his legs and also when she went to his hotel room he made a comment about not lying...I thought those were dead giveaways. Just a thought




I have a pretty good theory that August is Pinocchio ...


Rumple is by far my favorite character..Don't get me wrong I love the show in itself, he just cracks me up whether he is in Fairy Tale world or Reality World, I can'nt help but root for the character