Rumplestiltskin and His Son
Rumplestiltskin sits down here with his son in Fairy Tale World. These two are a big focus on episode 19, "The Return."

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This is so frustrating, I have been so certain for awhile that August is Rumple's son and these pictures and the previews for next new episode support that (I was also supported by the idea that who else could be protected by the curse, one of the things that I think the writers like about Emma and, by extension, Henry, is that there are no fairy tale obligations on them, but they are connected to that world and wouldn't it be interesting to have someone whose connection is to the bad side, but who is on Emma and Henry's side), but then last week some things were said that I was like, huh, he could be Pinocchio. Then someone gave me a good theory for that (that Gepetto made the tree that protected Emma from the curse, it is possible that Pinocchio was made from the same wood, and though he was a real boy by the time the curse hit, he was similarly protected). And then, we don't know any about Pinocchio past like his preteen years, so who knows who he became. But I was still like, no, he is Bae. Then most of these pictures support that...then, Archie appears. Why would Jiminy Cricket be in an episode about Rumpelstiltskin? I still like the idea of Bae, Rumple gave him the knife for safe keeping, agreed to protect him from evil curses, then basically was forced to abandon him. Bae grew up and became to learn more about his father and came to hate him and once the curse struck, he was actually stuck outside of Storybook and has been waiting to be allowed in (Emma's arrival). Of course, Pinocchio and Bae could have been friends and Pinocchio is avenging his friend.

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