Once Upon a Time Review: Destiny Calls

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In last week's episode of Once Upon a Time, we learned who August was NOT. Here, we finally discovered the true identity of August Booth: is no longer just "The Stranger," he's also Pinochio come to life.

But with one proviso: he'll remain a real boy... er... man, only if he is brave, truthful and unselfish. Well, now we know what that pain in his leg is whenever he lies, or do we?

I honestly thought that was August's trump card, that when he showed Emma his leg she'd begin to believe. Unfortunately, August saw his limb turn to wood but Emma saw no such thing. Was that because there's no magic in Storybrooke or because Emma was in complete denial about her destiny?

In the fairy tale world we were transported back to the moment the magic wardrobe was created and it was great to see those dramatic scenes of Emma's birth that started the show so many months ago.

Tony Amendola as Geppetto

I couldn't blame Geppetto for being a bit selfish. He was trying to save his son but in doing so he linked August's fate with Emma's. The longer she resists her place as curse buster, the harder this will be on August. What happens if he continues to turn back into a puppet. Will those in the know see it happening but those who can't see the magic simply be watching him die?

August might be highly motivated but Emma's a born cynic. I can't imagine what it will take to change her mind if she can't actually see the magic. In this Once Upon a Time quote she was pretty blunt in her reply to August:

August: You're our only hope.
Emma: Then you're all screwed. | permalink

That Emma now wanted Henry as her son was a huge step for her but to take him and run? That just seemed reckless. What's her plan and what happens if she and Henry actually leave Storybrooke?

Across town, Mary Margaret told off Regina but also forgave her, which baffled me until she explained.

Mary Margaret: Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness that your only joy comes from destroying everyone else's happiness. | permalink

She's right in that Regina's existence is sort of sad and pathetic but it also makes her dangerous.

David was Regina's knight in shining armor when her car broke down. Ummm... did he not know that she set up Mary Margaret for murder? I suppose if Mary Margaret wasn't speaking to him perhaps not. That's the only explanation I could come up with for him being so cordial.

Thankfully he only took Regina up on her lasagna and not her offer of seduction because that would have ruined the character entirely. But if he's considering Regina a new friend that could put him on a treacherous path, especially since David known for being clueless.

Little by little, the list of people in Storybrooke who know there is a curse continues to grow: Regina, Mr Gold, Henry and August. Who will be able to convince Emma of her destiny? With two episodes left, what's your guess for the future of Storybrooke?


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Also....Henry was not born in Storybrook. I can only assume that Mr Gold can cross the boundry, but can Regina? Will she follow Emma and Henry into the real world? When Emma drove off with Henry at the end of this episode does the book play a bigger part into her believing, so they return next week? Can't wait, but hope that Pinocchio and his father, and Mr Gold and Bae find happiness again...not sure about Snow/MM and Charming/James, though!


In the fairytale of Pinocchio, didn't he almost turn into a donkey for forgetting his promise to be good and going off with the bad boys? Think about it...August explained to Emma that he abandoned her to go off with one of the orphans and enjoyed another fun-filled life until she started the clock when she arrived in Storybrook and he began his transformation back to wood! Did anyone else catch that? Now he's trying to right his wrong and she's not buying it, not that I blame her...has she had a fairytale life as ab orphan? I wouldn't believe in fairytales, either! As for bored now...why so cycnical? It's a fairytale come to life with their past to remind us who they were...it's fun to try to second guess what will happen next, and not review it as a real life crime drama! Great review!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I would have agreed with your description of the curse before last week. But now? wasn't the whole purpose of the curse (for 'Stilskin) to get to this other realm where Bae ended up? So doesn't it transport as well as strip the happy endings?
It did not affect Regina and Gold. So gold would still be able to achieve his happy ending, despite everyone's suffering. And we do not exactly know on WHY he did that curse, nor why he wants to break it(which is the biggest mystery right now)


Excellent episode filled with some amazing scenes. August & Emma, August & Geppetto, flashbacks to little August & baby Emma, MM & Regina, Henry & Regina, & yes, David & Regina. UUUGGGHHH! That was the sound that filled our family room when Regina started putting the moves on David. We all knew what she was about when she had the hood of her Mercedes up & was peering into it like she knew what to do. HA! How realistic was that? No WAY would Regina dirty a fingertip to lift her car hood! The only think she would open up is her cellphone to call AAA. Honey, your desperation is showing.


@Bored Now: your animated avatar makes it difficult if not impossible to read what you have to say. I'll state at the outset that this could be just me though: I have been diagnosed as having ADD, so am aware that distraction comes easily. The only reason I mention this is because when I can read a little of what you say at any time, I find it compelling and want to read more. But I can't. I think the episode went well. Only - it's long past time that at least Emma discovered that the story is real. Sometimes a tease can go on for only so long before viewers get bored. I'm getting there. I thought for sure once she saw Pinnochio's wooden leg, she'd be surprised or shocked. But no - it was just another tease. Bummer.


I think the point in sending pinicchio first was because gepetto was afraid he'd turn back into a wooden boy and the blue fairy couldnt guarentee that he wouldn't. The reason hes turning wooden is because he was supposed to get emma to believe and he didnt. Maybe all the non bravery, honesty ect is starting to catch up with him now that things are starting to change. I kinda like the suggestion that the blue fairy is behind everything, although I dint agree myself, it's like the theory (that I do support) that glinda the good was behind dorthy coming and killing the wicked witch.


@KansasGuest: I agree it was based on a gamble. The problem is that makes what Gepetto did, a bit worse doesn't it? Most everyone's pretty understanding of what he did to protect his son, but when it's only based on a chance of it working, and the possibility that Emma could have been left in that hollow all alone, well it changes things a bit, yes? @Bored Now: I would have agreed with your description of the curse before last week. But now? wasn't the whole purpose of the curse (for 'Stilskin) to get to this other realm where Bae ended up? So doesn't it transport as well as strip the happy endings?


@Sioned & everyone else wondering about The Curse - Pinocchio was sent through based on Geppetto's best guess of what would happen. That's all it was - a gamble. Geppetto's & the Blue Fairy had no idea how it would affect Pinocchio. He gambled that his human son would remain so, protected by the tree, & allowed to grow up to protect Emma, eventually saving them all. If it didn't turn out exactly so - well, it isn't really anyone's fault because it was a gamble to begin with. BTW, the young boy playing the young Pinocchio was just ADORABLE! Looks nothing like August. In fact, he looks like a young Eric Stoltz. Doesn't matter though. He was just so cuuuuuuute!


What a good episode! It was nice to see how lots of things came together with where we started the story and how Gepetto and Pinnochio were involved. Emma is crazy thinking she's just gonna take Henry and leave...so crazy that it's actually pretty laughable.


Good acting from August aka Pino. Liked the moments with his Dad. Regina is an OK actor so is Emma and David but Gold, Snow and August are exceptional.

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